I just heard that will remove the SSB (Site Specific Browser) feature in the upcoming release planned in 3 days.

That's so unfortunate.. It was really a useful feature on the .

@lowkeylone That's a shame. Do you know details on the reasoning behind this decision?

"The SSB feature has only ever been available through a hidden pref and has multiple known bugs. Additionally user research found little to no perceived user benefit to the feature and so there is no intent to continue development on it at this time. As the feature is costing us time in terms of bug triage and keeping it around is sending the wrong signal that this is a supported feature we are going to remove the feature from Firefox."
- Dave Townsend (

@lowkeylone Thank you for reporting back!

Sounds like a reasonable decision though.

@floppy You welcome 😉

Yes probably but I'm very disappointed that a major web browser like Firefox do not want to support PWA.

I hope they'll come back on it in the future.

@lowkeylone Wait, that's different news, right?

PWA to me sounds like the next logical step in the evolution of web applications. Not supporting that standard sounds like giving up.

@floppy The SSB feature was a step toward full PWA support.

As Dave Townsend continues, he clearly says that PWA support "is not coming to desktop Firefox anytime soon".

@lowkeylone Oh wow, that's a bummer. :-(

I am still hoping that Firefox is be able to celebrate a comeback by supporting some emerging standard really well. But I guess that's a no for PWA. :-(

@lowkeylone Yeah. Well, it was not super useful as you had to do some legwork to get this to work, but ... it's just another annoying decision by Mozilla. It's almost as if they don't want people to use Firefox.

@linmob Yes some legwork was needed but in the end it was pretty convenient.

I was trying to use this feature to create a launcher for the Bitwarden extension, it would have been so great if it would have work.

@lowkeylone Yeah, I am going to miss!

Just use KeePass instead of Bitwarden, GNOME PasswordSafe works great!

@linmob Thanks for the advice 🙂
But I'm fine with Bitwarden, the extension kinda works. The autofill feature is nice and even if the popup is really (really) small you can open it in its own window.

But yeah a launcher would have been a great shortcut.

@linmob @lowkeylone I'm using Hydrogen as Epiphany's web app as my primary mobile Matrix client right now and it works pretty well.

@dos In my experience Epiphany is unusable slow on the Pinephone because it's not hw accelerated 🤔

@gamey Ah, I'm using the Librem 5 and acceleration works fine there. It's not as snappy as Firefox is, but it's snappy enough for Hydrogen ;)

@gamey You can use Angelfish web browser. Runs pretty well because it uses QT's GPU acceleration, and it also supports creating web apps.

@BrianA Maybe it's Phosh or just the Angelfish package on Arch (which is one of the few decently workig ones i found) but I can't get PWAs to work with it. Still a great browser i can recommend tho and even almost as smooth as Firefox in my experience :D

@gamey Did you try the latest update of it? I flagged it out of date about a week ago and the maintainer updated the package.

@BrianA It could be a issue on my site but it doesn't seem to work on my device at all. I use the "plasma-angelfish-git" AUR package and up to date DanctNIX Arch btw 🤷

@dos @linmob Idk if there is something I can do about it but browsing the web with Epiphany is staring at a grey screen on most websites.
And unfortunately this issue is present for Hydrogen.

@lowkeylone I made a rent post about that a few days ago to it's truly a shame. I think Mozilla keeps killing there future and I just don't get why.

@lowkeylone an app I use a lot is webapp-manager (, it's in the Arch/Manjaro AUR, and works fairly well. I don't know if it will continue to functional after the dropping of SSB, but I think it should. Hopefully... Perhaps it can be adapted for the #PinePhone with gestures and notification support?

@lowkeylone You're welcome mate. Perhaps if it can be adapted, it might work really well on the @PINE64 #PinePhone as a reasonable replacement for #Firefox #SSB. I don't have the skills myself, but being a small project, it looks like it might be well suited to our needs. I'm still a month or so away from getting my PinePhone 😥 but I'll take a closer look when it finally arrives. 👍

@AnotherKiwiGuy I'm really interested to know how it goes. I'll be in the market for a phone in the next 6-12 months

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