Nice. I hope that it can be more easily customized (from a GUI) at some point. I find the black background for the lock screen and the apps list rather depressing.

@lowkeylone did you recompile it, or set the env var? I wrote a quick script to change your ring tone and this got me thinking of making it change the wallpaper too.

@lowkeylone putting that env var in /etc/profile and editing a css file in your home worked fine on mobian. pkill phoc to apply the change. Thanks for posting this!!!

@silverhax Yes that's basically what I did.

For the CSS I combined the background image with a black linear gradient at 70%.
I've also set the background size to cover and the position to center.
I put this custom code in the Lock-Screen and App-Grid section of the CSS file.

You can also restart phosh with systemctl.

@lowkeylone looks awesome, if only the grid could be bigger, I don't like having so few apps shown at once

@joeligj12 Oh, and I thought the icons were already so much big lol
But I feel you though. Maybe it's because we're used to have way more apps on Android/iOS?

@lowkeylone @mobian You don't need to watch for phosh CSS updates if you put your changes into `~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css` which GTK apps like phosh then pick up as an overlay :)

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