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This week in KDE: KDE Plasma improves multi-monitor support, the Dolphin file manager got some cool animations, and Plasma's app launcher makes it easier to reach your favorite programs.


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Hey everybody, I am preparing a talk about mobile Linux in 2020, , , GUIs, distributions, mainline support etc. Anything I must not miss?

Chromium is my new favorite web browser on 😁
It's fast, fit the screen and perfect for creating webapp launchers.

There is a strange blurry effect though.

I'm using ungoogled-chromium from the AUR on by @danct12

Hi all! I finally decided to introduce myself.

I'm a french web developer, a FOSS enthousiast and also a big Star Wars fan (well not particularly of the sequel trilogy but that's another story).

I'm not a really chatty guy (quite the contrary) so you might not see me a lot but I like to keep an eye on what's going on 😉

I'm so glad to be here, thank you to all those who made these FOSS initiatives possible ❤️

See ya!


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