@derek I enjoyed this video, I dont care for RSM but he earned his place in history & I learned to take things outside his scope of expertise with a heap of salt. I would much rather see the hostiles of cancel culture defeated than a champion of digital freedom & digital human rights.

@metalune I've thought about this too -- shrinking the technology so much makes the hardware essentially "all-in-one" and even if the software is open-source the hardware isn't. At present I agree, Dumb Phones are the only practical way of taking the freedom back. I remain somewhat optimistic. Have you narrowed down to any favorite old-school devices or have any protips?

@play0ad Congratulations @play0ad on your Alpha 24 release after 3 years work. Sent you guys a few bucks. Keep up the good work. Waiting for this to hit flathub and arch repos

@derek I'm giving it a shot. At a glance the UX seems more in line with average user-expectations vs complexity of Thunderbird.

I get the whole "credit where credit is due" part in reference to Microsoft, but their interest in Linux I'm sure is self-interest -- we are still 2nd class or 3rd class citizens not having access to Primary Microsoft Software suchas: Native Office, Native Direct X, Native Windows Store, etc... so they have a long way to come to impress me or earn me as a consumer.

@derek I enjoyed the braindump. Stay warm & prepared for more crazy weather.

As a Arch user for 6 years it has many perks due to its simplistic design.

I do worry with censorship that the Internet could someday loose freedom of access and it does perk my interest in Gentoo & Source based distros -- having a offline copy of all source code to compile software has its perks.

Arch KISS philosophy and Unix Way of do one thing and do it well, along with strong wiki are big selling points.

@derek Papa DT, Thank you! Segregation & Discrimination based on Ideology has no place in Free & Open Source Software.

Once again, bad-actors are crafting propaganda in the name of "SUPERIOR MORALITY" to mask their advancing agendas of recrafting the world according to their own ideology. Seeing your video gives me hope that people are waking up and starting to see through the bullshit.

@purism AFAIK Firefox has a lot of Telemetry turned on by default. I hope someday people turn it off or choose to get a fork like in good shape for ESR-like usage.

@hejowhat "The mark of the programmer", it helps to try to get some strenuous physical exercise in mid to late afternoon to correct the next sleep interval. Good luck.

@switchedtolinux πŸ˜‚ I switched to about a week ago and I like it minus a few rough edges -- by default the Password Manager is disabled and I can't get the integration plugin working to link up to passwords manager app but otherwise it's been solid.

I think tries to depart from the and go back to KISS -- worth a watch

I don't think LibreWolf is ready for the average user, I hope to see that change this year.

@haeckerfelix I wonder if you can drag the windows to the little workspace icons above. This layout reminds me a lot of what was in early ElementaryOS 0.1 where you would simply drag the app icon to the workspace you wanted it on

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