My battery is out of energy and I'm honestly tempted to leave it empty & un-nourished.

These silicon prisons no longer serve us, they hijack our consciousness and take us on a ride.

The year of the can't come fast enough

I now appreciate the idea behind "The Unix Way" -- "do one thing and do it well". Sometimes it's nice when a calculator is just a calculator.

It feels like these "all-in-one" devices were a mistake.

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These batteries get damaged or destroyed if they are stored completely empty.

@rudolf Yeah I know, but then because planned obsolescence it's not any $1200 device ever survives past 2-4 years anyways. I'm just sick of the silicone plague that intentionally omits features in order to create "problems" which require "solving" -- the fact that the 3.5mm jack is omitted to be "solved" by $100 earbuds and MicroSD omitted to be "solved" by "cloud backup' rubs me wrong. Thankfully our devs are part of the REAL solution -- Tech Independence.

@lorendias honestly, i don't think linuxphones will solve the problem, it will make it less terrible, for sure, but it won't fix it. Old Dumb Phones Are the only way to regain your freedom imho

@metalune I've thought about this too -- shrinking the technology so much makes the hardware essentially "all-in-one" and even if the software is open-source the hardware isn't. At present I agree, Dumb Phones are the only practical way of taking the freedom back. I remain somewhat optimistic. Have you narrowed down to any favorite old-school devices or have any protips?

@lorendias I've narrowed down to old Sony Ericsson phones, I think I'll get myself a small collection of them as I love that they all look and feel different and usually people give them to you for free if you ask kindly, and their batteries still hold up for days

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