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now i have a jekyll installation that doesn't require ruby... and I have to work on this fucking ruby project and I never did before (ALSO I DON'T WANT TO INSTALL BULLSHIT)

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Para tener a mano, una pequeña guía de comandos comunes de #GNU #Linux

I think that for now the only productive thing I have taken out of this great soacil network has been the motivation to resume my blog thanks to @kev and @sir Today I have been reading about deep work and I think that isolating myself for a while would not be bad, if anyone has any feedback, do not hesitate to give it to me. Any constructive criticism is welcome. They are only a Linux user computer with a bit of depression.

Recently I am recovering from a strong depression which has been largely caused by my 4 months of unemployment. For now I think I will only write on the blog and if I receive any communication, it will be by email.

Lately, I have felt that no network generates more interest, I think I will write a blog about it.

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I started repairing broken electronic toys for kids in our family friend circle, and now almost every kid thinks I'm some sort of wizard.

explaining how their toys work inside and letting them help me fix the broken bits.

if I had full freedom, I think I'd do this full time. I love to see the magic in their eyes and help them gain a love for tinkering. maybe take some on as little apprentices, and have them go off into their own hackerspaces, exceed my ability, and grow the community, and continue to foster local build/repair/development.

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@severian @pthenq1
efectivamente Telegram NO es la salida, Signal tampoco, la salida implica desvincular completamente tu número de teléfono de tu mensajería instantánea para que pueda ser anónima y permita usar varias cuentas, una para cada ámbito de tu vida. Además puedes crear y usar cuentas XMPP bajo la red Tor.

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My laptop setup ~
Daily operation:
- Operating system: Ubuntu
- Browser: Firefox
- Password manager: KeePassXC
- Cloud storage: NextCloud
- Text editor: Vim
- Office suite: LibreOffice
- Personal finance: GnuCash*
- Task/project management: Atlas
- Radio: cmus, youtube-dl, ffmpeg
- News: toot (Mastodon CLI)

* Thinking of switching to something simpler.

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En el imaginario social se tiene la falsa creencia de que la teoría de relatividad de Einstein (con sus dos marcos de aplicación) viene a significar que todo es relativo... justo uno de los principios de estas teoría es el de relatividad, que viene a decir que toda ley física debe ser invariante en forma para cualquier observador, de aquí que la pretensión sea encontrar invariantes. Si algo entendía Einstein como axioma es justo la no relatividad de las leyes físicas... los mitos siguen existiendo, somos las mismas estructuras que aquellos griegos...

I have a tendency to follow people from Europe and other countries, the same thing happened to me when I had a Twitter account. I don't know if it's because I'm usually connected at dawn or I've seen few Latinos with interesting information at the level of free software, .

I have been improve my feeds behavior, You can see below if you want.

Someone has experience with with , I want to know how many resources it requires, I have a tiny vps with 384 of RAM for my static HTML web server.

otherwise you will have to find a job that is not from the area to bring livelihood to the home.
but I will always use Free Software even for experiments.

For now I survive with possible work on platforms such as but this is not profitable in the long term, taking into account that I have children and expenses to maintain. It is complicated in this current world full of egocentric technologies. Try to work on projects that add value to society. However, I am hopeful that some project can adopt me taking into account the integrity of my decision not to use proprietary software.

That is leading me to accept anyone. I would prefer a job in technogy remotely, but really, maybe because I'm an immigrant or I don't know what to think anymore. I love free Software but some jobs insist on using proprietary tools, I don't know if that is a negative aspect in my curriculum being in a society that does not appreciate the Value of Free Software.

I would really like to administer / install a platform like mastodon, I have always loved the administration of services in Linux, I really want to manage a stay and create a community. but for this I need to invest money that I don't have, I have been unemployed for 4 months.

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Difundid este vídeo, porfa, y quien pueda que lo descargue y guarde para difundir después. Gracias

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Things which your project could use which immediately make me stop being interested in touching it at all:

- Google groups
- Bazaar
- LaunchPad
- SourceForge
- Slack

Don't use those things, thanks.

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