@Dashtop Agreed! I do not want people to stop using it. I just want to know if I'm the only person with this psychological limitation. I want to feel less alone on this! haha

Meanwhile, @lordofallcubes is using dark magic to implement smart snapping and guides.

@akiraux Fun stuff! Still things to do, and will need some aesthetic love, but it's moving along!

@Darks @sir hahaha it'd be funny to put innacurate javascript-related captions on that.

@WhoNeedszZz I agree to a large degree. I do use Ubuntu at work, but it's mostly to reduce pressure on my IT team.

@kev I agree it's a silly reason. For most applications I don't really care. For some reason, it being a distribution, changes things for me. Which is interesting, because I tend to be very practical/logical-minded. Oh well.

Fwiw, I use arch and i3 (ubuntu with i3 for work), so Pop is less interesting for me personally. It is more a distro that I would potentially put on someone's machine (friends/family). Currently I strictly push Ubuntu on that demographic.

@oranje@cybre.space Ohhh I just made the connection. I do apologize for that confusion. I don't use the word 'popo' very much to mean police.

@oranje@cybre.space I don't think names are too important, but this one strikes me as particularly hard to take seriously. Or recommend. Or even admit to use. And I say this as someone who has and recommends system76 machines (with caveats)

@oranje@cybre.space I'm not trying to be negative for the sake for being negative. I actually just want to know if it's a personal thing. fwiw, I assumed was the way to tag it, but don't know much about twitter/mastodon. In fact, I slightly prefer popos to Pop!_OS

Am I the only person for whom the name is enough to not want to use a distribution?

Definitely illuminating how quickly one can read about most features of C. Can't imagine doing the same for C++...not in one short flight at least.

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Nyc->Denver flight. Decided to randomly read a C book. On short notice downloaded the C Programming wikibook. Devoured it pretty quickly. Fun to read, considering my last year and a half of c++ (job) without prior CS background. Now I want to find a good codebase to study.

Lol, I am experiencing the same, probably to a lesser degree!! It's so encouraging and rewarding. It really revitalized my desire to keep going at it. Grammar and kanji are on the right track, vocab is lacking..

Watering hole in Tokyo...bunch of Japanese breweries. Really cool to see the growth of the beer scene in 日本.

But yeah, you probably have plans, but will be in Tokyo all week. Would enjoy buying you a non metaphorical beer or tea. Lemme know!

Lol, my favorite part is being attacked by immense cicadas. Appreciating my day from a 物の哀れ perspective. I guess the not having to work makes me more conscious of the surroundings.

In Tokyo right now. Some intense weather in here...almost makes me want to hack in a cafe all day. Almost.

Walking aimlessly in Japan never fails in relaxing me to the core. Even in extreme heat.

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