Am I the only person for whom the name is enough to not want to use a distribution?

@lordofallcubes for me, the name is far less important than the UI/UX.

I think a lot of open source projects have stupid names, but that doesn’t detract me from using them. Honestly, seems a silly reason for not using a good piece of software to me. 😊

Firefox, Thunderbird, Nautilus, anything KDE based and its silly “K” everywhere, GNU, GIMP, Red Hat, Fedora...I could go on all day. Doesn’t stop me using any of them though.

(Pop!_OS user here)

@kev I agree it's a silly reason. For most applications I don't really care. For some reason, it being a distribution, changes things for me. Which is interesting, because I tend to be very practical/logical-minded. Oh well.

Fwiw, I use arch and i3 (ubuntu with i3 for work), so Pop is less interesting for me personally. It is more a distro that I would potentially put on someone's machine (friends/family). Currently I strictly push Ubuntu on that demographic.

@lordofallcubes hey, we have our nuances. That’s what makes people interesting. 😊

@lordofallcubes Personally, I'm not a fan of distributions that base on another distribution's work.

@WhoNeedszZz I agree to a large degree. I do use Ubuntu at work, but it's mostly to reduce pressure on my IT team.

@lordofallcubes they agree it's kinda quirky, but eh it's got good defaults and a well funded devs (still has occasional dummy audio and freezes though but other than that it's great).

But to each their own :)

@Dashtop Agreed! I do not want people to stop using it. I just want to know if I'm the only person with this psychological limitation. I want to feel less alone on this! haha

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