More IRC channels dying to discord. I normally would welcome improvements to IRC, but discord ain't it. I'm also too busy to find new communities. Maybe the world _is_ ending after all, and IRC's decline is the universe letting us know.

So can one even run their own Discord server outside of Discord's infrastructure? If they go under as far as I'm aware you're just out of luck. No more chatting using Discord software.

At least if I wanted to run my own IRC server, it would be easy enough. I'm not dependent upon a company keeping my chat platform running.

@ndguardian I totally agree. may be a good middle ground some day. So far, the clients just don't do it for me. I also don't find healthy communities (yet).

I have so much trouble with IRC and discord. I hate them both tbh. My best experiences with support channels have been with xmpp.

@mikefordays Interesting, never really used xmpp consciously. I tried setting it up for chatting with family, but was always a bit inconvenient. Never heard of it used for group chats like on IRC.

I guess there are 'bridges' you can implement? For example, the #yunohost support irc channel is accessible via xmpp. I just find identity management is so much easier, and I don't have to disable my VPN just to ask for help (friggin freenode!).

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