On one hand I'm curious to how you form mastodon interactions and acquaintances. On the other hand I have nothing interesting to say.

@lordofallcubes I just respond to people/post stuff I think is interesting, people either notice you or they don't XD

Also LordOfAllCubes sounds like a very prestigious title to have!

@gaurdianaq hehe I will try the same! It could be fun.

Lol, I am not going to say that I deserve the title, but I will do my best to honor it--maybe my mastodon topic should be cubes...hmm...

@lordofallcubes that's all subjective. If i post something about Linux here, it's likely to get some interest. If I post that to a motorbike group, not so much. :-)

My poont is, what you may find mundane, others will find interesting.

@kev haha that's true, although I should say that my comment was partly in jest.

I may give commenting on specific topics a go, but it certainly doesn't help that I never even used twitter ;P

@lordofallcubes Twitter isn’t a prerequisite, in fact it’s probably better that you didn’t use as you won’t have any bias.

Getting involved with conversations is the best way to get started IMO.

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