Meanwhile, @lordofallcubes is using dark magic to implement smart snapping and guides.

Am I the only person for whom the name is enough to not want to use a distribution?

Definitely illuminating how quickly one can read about most features of C. Can't imagine doing the same for C++...not in one short flight at least.

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Nyc->Denver flight. Decided to randomly read a C book. On short notice downloaded the C Programming wikibook. Devoured it pretty quickly. Fun to read, considering my last year and a half of c++ (job) without prior CS background. Now I want to find a good codebase to study.

Watering hole in Tokyo...bunch of Japanese breweries. Really cool to see the growth of the beer scene in 日本.

Walking aimlessly in Japan never fails in relaxing me to the core. Even in extreme heat.

Set up sway on it. So amazing...I will enjoy playing with it during the trip. Now all I need is my dev environment for the occasional coding (I know it's supposed to be vacation...but I can't help myself!)

In preparation for my Japan trip, dusted off my small laptop...sudo pacman -S with a few -Rs for good measure. Not even the gods can save me from my sins.

This title bar can't have passed UI quality checking. The more I analyze it, the more obtuse I find it.

More IRC channels dying to discord. I normally would welcome improvements to IRC, but discord ain't it. I'm also too busy to find new communities. Maybe the world _is_ ending after all, and IRC's decline is the universe letting us know.

On one hand I'm curious to how you form mastodon interactions and acquaintances. On the other hand I have nothing interesting to say.

@randomtrees I followed, but it should be one or two a day! Had to unfollow :(

Was using Kanji Study to practice stroke patterns for Japanese. Just found on F-droid. Very cool that I can remove one more proprietary app from my phone! :D

Any developers have experience with jumpcloud? My company wants to implement it, but as a developer I'm worried it doesn't even support Ubuntu non-lts. This would make development a lot more cumbersome.

Can't believe I just found out about . Support artists and get FLACs in return. Perfect.

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