@lopeztel Wasn't aware of ctrl + f, great!

Some suggestions:

# Search term
/search term (forwards)
?search term (backwards)
n to jump to the next result
N to jump to the previous

# Jump within the window
H - top
M - middle
L - bottom

# Change/delete/copy things between:
cit - change content between tags <>
di" - delete content between quotes "
yi( - copy content within those brackets

@garritfra @lopeztel Hi Garrit, just small correction to your post, vim doesn't come with the :term command, or at least not older versions, but nvim does, so if you're on an older system at least it's likely that it won't work.

@garritfra @lopeztel correction to my correction, that's probably a bit outdated, it seems the new vim has it ;)

@sotolf @lopeztel Yep, :term was introduced in Vim 8.1, which is about a year or so old. :)

@garritfra @lopeztel Yeah, I think neovim has had it for a longer time, it's good for them both that vim has started working more on features than what it was earlier. I moved over to neovim before the change for my main machine, so I was not quite updated on what vim had as a feature, and tested it on a older ubuntu server, which didn't have it :p

@sotolf @garritfra it's actually quite cool, also works in windows (why on earth you would do that beats me but it's there).

I guess I could use it for git :git: .... oh wait, windows messes up my file permissions...

@lopeztel @garritfra if you have to work on windows why not use vim in wsl? that has been no problems for me this far.

@sotolf @garritfra I tried but everything is useless when I have to ssh into a server to do things (sshfs didn't help)

@lopeztel @garritfra I ssh into servers and work in their vims on the server without problems, what is it with vim over ssh that doesn't work for you?

@sotolf @garritfra basically I am being lazy, I guess I'd have to export my neovim config to vim but I don't think I'll have permissions to install plugins and so... can't hurt to try though

@lopeztel @garritfra Ah, so you mean your config :p I just work in bare vim without plugins on servers as I'm mostly doing admin on other servers, if I have to do something bigger I write it on my own system and copy it over afterwards.

@sotolf @garritfra I did spend a lot of time customizing (neo)vim for my tastes so of course I want my configs 😂

@sotolf @lopeztel I used to have a little bootstrap script that pulled my dotfiles, installed plugins and some absolutely essential programs. I should maybe bring that back at some point...

@garritfra @lopeztel If you use something like vim-plug your configuration file is enough and it will pull down plugins by itself :)

@garritfra @lopeztel technically yes, but you only have to install one plugin manually instead of all of them ;)

@lopeztel @garritfra that sounds painful, and why don't they let you use plugins in your own home folder? And then they let you write code for them, that's really a conundrum to me :p

@lopeztel @garritfra it is yeah, what if you personally handcode your own plugins on the server :p :)

@sotolf @garritfra 😂 nope, I would't do anything work related for a while

@lopeztel @sotolf
> Why on earth would you do that?

What, windows?

(*Cricket noises*)

@garritfra @lopeztel I just discovered that you can also open man pages by pressing <K> while cursor on a command written in the file.
Or run the command :Man <command> to open the man pages for that command in vim.

@garritfra this is such a nice addition, I'll need to edit my original post to add it

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