"there’s always the option to build from source but that is not very elegant"

some distros disagree 😄
but is typora even open source? i just checked the nixos packages and they also just offer the x86_64 build with a license of "unfree".
on the website i could only find the prebuilt x86_64 binaries with no reference to the source code as well.
that would explain why there's no arm package for it..

@schrofi yikes, looks like you're right support.typora.io/License-Agre I guess I should've checked more thoroughly, I see they have some themes on GitHub: github.com/typora

@schrofi and I guess building from source is elegant if it is done automatically 🙂, you know, 1 click install ...

@lopeztel Would love to hear more about your usage and any shortcomings you find while using this in the coming months.

@gray more posts will come, for now I tried and it looks like it consumes power faster than but I was booting from a micro sd card so ... 🤷‍♂️

@lopeztel That's quite strange. However, I know the Manjaro team are truly putting in a lot of effort in to the performance on ARM.

I don't use it myself, but they are regular guests on the Linux Unplugged podcast and it's always interesting to hear what they are up to and achieving: linuxunplugged.com/episodes (search the page for "manjaro arm").

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