Anyone using :raspberrypi: as a NAS with ? I know that in theory it is possible but it almost seems too good to be true, I would at least use it to host and/or to escape from the big G

If you've never heard of check it out, it's a preconfigured Debian server that makes it super straight forward to add multiple services, nextcloud being one of many.....most are literally click to install from the admin panel


@LPS sounds simpler than ? I've been wanting to have my own , do you know if it works on :raspberrypi: ?

@lopeztel yes they have images, I haven't done it myself though. I'm using an old PC.

I've looked it up, seems like another alternative worth considering, thanks for the tip!

@lopeztel NP, another thing as a bonus is they even give you a free subdomain if you need one:)

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