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part 2: I'm currently working on using :raspberrypi: and modules. More to come but at least my Qt based MQTT Dashboard is on :github: -> back then I was still using :ubuntu: ...

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I guess I should've done the before: Hi! I'm and like to mess around with linux distros, currently trying to stay away from proprietary SW as much as possible and looking into the movement.

Today I found a sock that had been missing since January... I feel pretty today :D

I didn't realize this existed until I was at the airport last Monday:, the second trilogy is not as good as the original trilogy but still good 👍

My transformation into full adult is complete, I like the thought of getting a food processor 😂

I've always found funny/interesting how famous/rich singers make songs about not being as important as happiness...

Even more so if said song becomes a hit and earns them a ton of money 🤑😂

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My laptop died after some :arch: update (bootloader not fund or something at attempts to restore were fruitless, so I just backed up dotfiles) 😂 Taking :fedora: for a spin (get it?)

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Idea pro: una parodia de Mr. Robot versión latinoamericana en donde en lugar de la máscara del señor monopolios, que sea una del Dr. Simi. Que aborde nuestros problemas tercermundistas.

I just spent a couple of hours getting nvim-dap and cpptools working on my :neovim: setup... I regret nothing 😅

New on my new static website about how to migrate from to a static website using

Day 3 of my 2022's

(I know, I know but better late thatn never)

Bringing a pot of Mexican food to the office was a bad idea (I don't have a car so I'll have to go by bus, it'll be awkward)

Meant to say days but for my brain it feels like four weeks 😂

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