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part 2: I'm currently working on using :raspberrypi: and modules. More to come but at least my Qt based MQTT Dashboard is on :github: -> back then I was still using :ubuntu: ...

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I guess I should've done the before: Hi! I'm and like to mess around with linux distros, currently trying to stay away from proprietary SW as much as possible and looking into the movement.

I just prepared tacos with some Norwegian friends, now I can say they know Mexican tacos. It's a wholesome feeling

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So today I streamed my coding for 2 hours and a half and it was pretty fun.

If you want to see some stuff about RISC-V, see how compilers are done and all that stuff you can take a look to it.

Or even follow or support the work!

Loving the creative pen display, works out of the box without issues, had to test with my laptop because my graphics card only has a single HDMI and it's either this or my monitor ..

That moment when you spend more time setting the remote origin for your workspace than doing actual work :git: 🤦‍♂️

Just bought a 34" curved monitor 😀 my excuse was "productivity"

I watched "The Mitchells vs the Machines" instead of doing Norwegian homework.... I regret nothing 😂

Let's try something here, anyone into ? How do you motivate yourself to train more? I can start sharing:

1. Running with a buddy/group
2. Buying new shoes

I ended up spending quite a bit on time customizing , works very well on

Has anyone tried to run on ? I'm thinking I should be able to plug in a USB webcam to it and have videoconferences...


I can't wait to be off from work so that I can work on my hobby projects 😂

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some good privacy news for once, more than 50% of people in Norway and Sweden now block 3rd party cookies.

Successfully compiles firmware for product... There's no testbench available...🤦‍♂️

Rant about Netflix content 

I'll admit that the series are well executed, however as a Mexican I'm against any content that popularizes everything related to drug cartels...

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