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part 2: I'm currently working on using :raspberrypi: and modules. More to come but at least my Qt based MQTT Dashboard is on :github: -> back then I was still using :ubuntu: ...

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I guess I should've done the before: Hi! I'm and like to mess around with linux distros, currently trying to stay away from proprietary SW as much as possible and looking into the movement.

Legit question for best practices :git:

merge master into branch, then merge back into master vs using git rebase ?

I was unlucky to commit changes last so I get to rebase ☹️ :git:

@admin el diseño de tu página me agrada bastante. De los pocos sitios sobre el fediverso en español. Muy bien 👌

is so easy to get started with: run some script, push to github, download firmware and flash to your board, so nice! could be working today!

lopeztel :manjaro: :arch: boosted

Tried my hand at making sopes from scratch with corn dough mix 😀

Why the hell use MS Word? Document changes are difficult to track ...

Bluetooth connection seems a bit more stable in this release of , thanks again @JF (and many other contributors)

Just done with the second board for the still have to test if I can program it... Pictures and obligatory blog post soon

Joined a volleyball group today, had more fun than I expected 🙂 no toxic hyper competitive bs, it was nice

A friend called and we just booked plain tickets for a trip, I have to say that this is very out of character for me

Theoretical question: is there any possible scenario in which a cluster of SBCs or compute modules (raspberrypi, sopine, rock64) could become a server and benefit from more processing power? some setup with kubernetes + raid arrays or the like? I thinking of upgrading my raspberrypi server but I'm a sucker for SBCs and their power efficiency...

Roommate left on holiday, I am getting so much cleaning done in the apartment! 😀😂

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