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part 2: I'm currently working on using :raspberrypi: and modules. More to come but at least my Qt based MQTT Dashboard is on :github: -> back then I was still using :ubuntu: ...

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I guess I should've done the before: Hi! I'm and like to mess around with linux distros, currently trying to stay away from proprietary SW as much as possible and looking into the movement.

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Confession time: Up until now I've never had to make a :git: submodule follow a specific branch ... The internet has all the answers

I had a videocall with a friend, don´t know what she did but I find it funny that her totally over the top iMac is runnning slower than my old Dell laptop 😂 it takes like 10 minutes to shutdown or boot... Tried to help but I've never used Mac ...

is destroying my cpu cores, trying to render a speedpaint video of my painting... had to use the good ol'

@kev I remember you mentioned in your post related to apps being available for pinebookpro :pine64: ... Tried it , loved it, thanks for the indirect recommendation.

I was using before, but that was cluttered and always felt like killing a fly with a bazooka

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Currently the global gold demand is met with 70% mined gold and 30% recycled gold. We’ve partnered with to collect mobile phones and batteries from countries without proper recycling infrastructure for formal recycling in Europe. ♻️ Read more:

Local bus transport workers are on a strike, had to use one of these e-scooter services today, they're expensive so I guess I'll work from home while strike keeps going ...

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if you have built a wearable with an esp32 tell me about it pls :)

Has anyone tried to use ? I can't seem to find resources for (plenty for but I'd like to avoid reverse engineering their libraries)

Boosts appreciated

I plan to recreate the old serve a webpage from a but I plan to do it in good ol' C to practice, so far setting as Access Point works

I live very close to a factory… the smell of (burnt) coffee in the morning is overrated

Went full nerd and started creating a spreadsheet to evaluate which paying plan is best for my pool usage... Am I the only one who does these things?

started something, if English is not your native language and you've tried to raise awareness of social media risks, finding resources can be hard.
Consider translating some?

@humanetech Boosts appreciated

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Hi #fediverse

There's global movement in the field of #humanetechnology due to #TheSocialDilemma and many others tirelessly fighting for a better internet.

Many great resources, such as exist. But as @lopeztel pointed out: Most are in English only!! For #socialcooling we have volunteers to translate this page.

We may crowdsource translating of #humanetech resources more structurally: As a project.

I created this thread to gauge your interest:

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@lopeztel @calculsoberic

I have just created a forum topic to gauge interest for a translation project. Will create a separate toot to announce.

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@theprivacyfoundation thanks for sharing this further. A great site.

To anyone reading: I have approached the creator, because several members of our community want to translate to their own language. Currently Italian and Spanish (thank you @lopeztel 🙏 )

Have a translation to add? Wonderful! Then add your comment to this thread:

@humanetech I
I realized most of the resources available to raise awareness of privacy and the risks of social media are only available in English, however, in my country only highly educated people speak the language.
Is there an ongoing effort to gather and translate resources?
Translation makes sense as less educated people are usually most vulnerable and sometimes make the bulk of a country's population

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