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it's like Apple doesn't want any software running on their OS

Nature is our most important dependency! The dependency introduced or enforced by any system is only optional. If this optional dependency conflicts with the main dependency in any way, we need to be remembered that nature is the only real dependency and additional dependencies must be aligned to nature, not the other way.

Where is the peaceful fork of the capitalistic world which tries to overcome these non fixable issues?

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Being a lemming is naive. Using creativity and logic to think out of the box and over the mountain is the big advantage humans have and no AI will ever reach. Give a fuck on the AI bubble and believe in humanity as the only solution to the true issues.

Our currently used optimization strategy results in a very strange output. The optimization strategy is killing a lot of species after getting stuck in local minima.

Netgen devs are trying to make their library more difficult to compile with every update. Sometime I have the feeling such behaviour is part of business strategy.


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