wow, after the last android update my slow phone gets even slower. people answering my call before the ui gives feedback that a call was made.

Time to switch to a Linux phone. But I need one android app. So what is the best alternative right now?

why this speculative propaganda? We know that the US is doing not better and work with drones to erase difficult people ( or try to silence whistleblowers (assange, snowden).

wär auch einmal Zeit, dass Merkel den Fall Assange gleich medial behandelt, wie jetzt den Fall Navalny.

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Jacek Witold (@VytautasLife) hat getwittert: Nawalny ist das russische Äquivalent zu Assange. Wer aufdeckt und gesellschaftliche Probleme aufzeigt, lebt in der heutigen Zeit gefährlich.

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not much has to go wrong to let people move into "wrong" directions. The debate about lgtm must happen at a much broader and radical level. It's about the inclusion of everyone. It's not only about the lgtm minority, it's also about the radical right, radical left, radical anything which are victims of the divide and conquer politics and only moved into this direction because not feeling accepted at the center.

But I see some hope coming from Berlin.

Is capitalism really pushing vaccine development in the right direction? Or is the influence of investors and the competition between countries in these kind of science only leading to the absolute mistrust in any of the companies trying to find such vaccine?

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Nature tells us that we have passed a certain point of imbalance and our answer is to grow the imbalance by doing workarounds like lock-downs. This is disintegration from nature and it will continue...

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Ian Lyons (@ianridesbikes) hat getwittert: This is the worst crash I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not religious but I’m Praying hard for @FabioJakobsen right now

This tells a lot about the "heros" on two wheels and sports in general. Wasn't there a time where fairness played a bigger role in sports? I guess a lot of this is an effect of commercializing sports to an idiotic level.

Capitalism is a non sustainable pyramide-game. It's the root of unsustainability. We must prepare for an alternative. The software world knows this for quite some time. The answer is FOSS. Investing into FOSS is preparing for the future. So restore your motivation and keep the FOSS networks growing. Not look at the $$ that are printed and your capitalism friends are chasing. Believe in a better world where we can all trust each other, also if not being part of a pyramide-game.

Schau dir "Far From Perfect (Ghost Note Symphonies)" auf YouTube an

restoring some hope.

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