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Ian Lyons (@ianridesbikes) hat getwittert: This is the worst crash I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not religious but I’m Praying hard for @FabioJakobsen right now

This tells a lot about the "heros" on two wheels and sports in general. Wasn't there a time where fairness played a bigger role in sports? I guess a lot of this is an effect of commercializing sports to an idiotic level.

Capitalism is a non sustainable pyramide-game. It's the root of unsustainability. We must prepare for an alternative. The software world knows this for quite some time. The answer is FOSS. Investing into FOSS is preparing for the future. So restore your motivation and keep the FOSS networks growing. Not look at the $$ that are printed and your capitalism friends are chasing. Believe in a better world where we can all trust each other, also if not being part of a pyramide-game.

Schau dir "Far From Perfect (Ghost Note Symphonies)" auf YouTube an

restoring some hope.

if this world is really free, there would not be a need for propaganda. we need more rational journalism! free assange!

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Schau dir "A film of Yanis Varoufakis' powerful speech in support of Julian Assange | DiEM25" auf YouTube an
these days f1 shows us their vision of the capitalistic endgame: A senseless race without any audience.

Our civilization may not exist for long (Joscha Bach) | AI Podcast Clips - YouTube 

The winners of capitalism, are those who know best how to abuse humans weaknesses.
Now nothing prevents you from making global irrational decisions, if capitalism tells you that abuse of the system was the right decision in the first place.

Capitalism turns into a destructive optimization with profit as an irrational target function.

Is there any Linux which has a "one version of one package"-only strategy? I want a python3.x qt5.x only system. Not something where there can be multiple versions of one package exist side by side.
Or other question: is there a Linux distro coming with a package-manager which has the one package one version philosophy + allows to install other version combination in virtual environments?

`Es muss attraktiv sein, arbeiten zu gehen. Es gibt Bereiche, wo es sehr schwierig ist, Arbeitskräfte zu finden“, sagte Kurz. Da die Situation derzeit aber angespannt sei, gebe es die Einmalzahlung in Höhe von 450 Euro`

There are plenty of ways to make work attractive. Not by forcing people to live in bad conditions so that they are choiceless.

Giving away billions to keep the big flight bubble alive only to guarantee more co2 bombers poluting the skies.

Isn't a naive vision more inspiring than being ruled by naive system-principles.

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Isn't it time to realize that this has nothing to do with the origin vision of capitalism? Can't we imagine a system which overcome all these issues without being introduced by war and strong leaders? Isn't the will of humans to optimize life-quality strong enough to throw away the principles of money and hirarchy?

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Why still believe in capitalism?

-it tries to make one dependent
-it leads to globally irrational decisions
-it destroys the environment
-it extincts species
-it helps viruses to spread
-it's instable (welth spikes)
-it creates money driven slavery

Shouldn't a system serve people in the best possible way? Are the fundamental principles of the free market a naive vision? Or is this by design?

Those who know best how to abuse the principles are the ones with the biggest profits.

Dahin soll die Corona Reise also gehen. Überwachungsstaat ausbauen... Ich würde einmal vorschlagen die Politiker machen da einen Anfang und stellen uns alle ihre Bewegungsdaten zur Verfügung damit wir wissen mit wem sie sich so treffen. Ich glaub da könnte man auch sehr viel herausfinden...

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