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I think the reason we see fediverse protocols becoming more popular is simply because they’re using familiar underlying transports and encodings. Both Mastodon and Matrix are HTTP based and use JSON encoding (well, ActivityPub uses fancy JSON, but you see my point).

Bottom line: Developer accessibility is key to making social web and distributed computing more widespread.

Starship troopers, what an awesome movie...

Ran a small workshop with our tech lead and devops lead for a new project yesterday and discovered that I am *terrible* at explaining things clearly... think more Emmett Brown than Degrasse Tyson :-/

Today was mostly spent writing new documentation for the project in Hugo (it’s a massive project). Was going to use Sphinx, but RST is just too unfamiliar to me, and Hugo is just so damn simple to get stared with.

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It's really difficult to explain to people what I'm working on when it's wrapped in 15 layers of nerdy that you have to get through before they start to understand

I have spent my entire work day in PowerPoint... as much as I despise working in Windows, PPT is still the best tool for the job. If only I could get 2018 working in Wine.

Are there any other non-web alternatives apart from LibreOffice?

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IPFS is extremely interesting, DAT is way more user friendly though. Is it wrong that I’m put off by DAT ecosystem being primarily Node based? Probably...

Listening to Slayer while pouring my camomile tea, before I put on my pyjamas and go to bed...

Have been lurking here for too long, so here’s my most recent experiment in distributed data stores, still early days, but the theory is just so cool! github.com/lonelycode/yzma (distributes k/v store using CRDT, SWIM and BoltDB - saved you a click)


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