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Well that was lucky....

Wordle 212 2/6


Absurdle 6/∞


I do enjoy my daily wordle but this is absurdle.

so far my best is getting it in 7 guesses twice.

This is today at 7PM CT! Learn how content creators can stick with free and open-source software with our friend and Electronic Frontier Alliance member @EFFaustin.

Hate when I'm that close and just pick the wrong word.

Wordle 206 4/6


I got a pour over coffee brewer with reusable stainless steel mesh filter for my birthday today but now I feel like I want an electric kettle so I don't have to boil water in a cooking pot with no spout on my stove like a pleb.

recommended electric kettles for use with pour over coffee? Hopefully not something ridiculous expensive.

Merry Christmas fosstodon. Hope everyone stays safe and has a great day.

Did not surpass the first movie but I think it fit in well and was entertaining. Keanu still pulls it off in my opinion.

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Just over 3 hours till I get to see the new matrix movie. Just finished watching the 3rd one again. I'm ready.

And in those days Caesar Augustus decreed that all must return to the town of their birth, that they might sort out their parents' computers

And when they arrived at that place, they discovered internet browser toolbars, 10 or more per household. It was a sign that told them they were home.

Great collection of these.

Lo4j is like the jelly of the month club for CVEs. It's the gift that keeps on giving clark.

About 5 hours on the smoker and we have jerky. Looks like they turned out well for my first time. Waiting to eat them tomorrow with friends at boardgame night. 2lbs made 1.2lbs of jerky. Not bad for $10 of meat plus marinade.

Actually not too cold out today. That means it's time for some pickleball. Might be the last outdoor game of the year.

Appears to have worked since Uninstalling had me reauthorize tusky. Simply logging out was not enough. I assume reauthorization on my pixelfed will fix that too. Here's a picture of my dog. Thanks for following along on this helpdesk troubleshooting adventure.

And it works on risky from my tablet. Time to uninstall reinstall I suppose.

Getting error using tusky on my android phone for those curious about details.

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Hmmm I keep getting upload failed when trying to attach photos to my toots and doesn't look like my post from pixelfed loads images either... oh well.

If you care to check out a few pictures of my day diving at Bonne Terre mines from last weekend you can check it out on my pixelfed.

Bought some meat today to try making some jerky in the traeger tomorrow. Got it marinating in a few different mixes over night. We'll see how this goes.

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