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Great collection of these.

Lo4j is like the jelly of the month club for CVEs. It's the gift that keeps on giving clark.

About 5 hours on the smoker and we have jerky. Looks like they turned out well for my first time. Waiting to eat them tomorrow with friends at boardgame night. 2lbs made 1.2lbs of jerky. Not bad for $10 of meat plus marinade.

Actually not too cold out today. That means it's time for some pickleball. Might be the last outdoor game of the year.

Appears to have worked since Uninstalling had me reauthorize tusky. Simply logging out was not enough. I assume reauthorization on my pixelfed will fix that too. Here's a picture of my dog. Thanks for following along on this helpdesk troubleshooting adventure.

And it works on risky from my tablet. Time to uninstall reinstall I suppose.

Getting error using tusky on my android phone for those curious about details.

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Hmmm I keep getting upload failed when trying to attach photos to my toots and doesn't look like my post from pixelfed loads images either... oh well.

If you care to check out a few pictures of my day diving at Bonne Terre mines from last weekend you can check it out on my pixelfed.

Bought some meat today to try making some jerky in the traeger tomorrow. Got it marinating in a few different mixes over night. We'll see how this goes.

Scheduled my booster shot for next week. Had I realized obesity is actually considered an underlying condition I probably would have done it sooner. Why even make it a qualifier if that pretty much opens it up to like 70% of Americans? 🤣

Stayed up late last night cause we got an extra hour and then didn't realize that my clock had already updated and stayed up till 3am.

Tired but had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with pickleball and a new car. Not ready to go on call Tuesday though.

It’s almost the gift-giving season! Electronic Frontier Alliance member @cypurrnyc has a digital holiday buyers guide coming next Saturday to help you through the marketing fog.

Loved it. I think it did well staying true to the book. The music was great. Ready for the next one.

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Pumped to see Dune tonight at 6pm. I loved the whole series of books and am ready for a flashy expensive adaptation of what is in my mind. The old movie just doesn't do it for me.

Someone was having a bad day. Saw it on my way to pickleball this evening. Could feel the heat from the car as I drove past.

The cryptocurrency provision of the infrastructure bill "is part of a larger movement by regulators to basically task actors within the cryptocurrency community to engage in more surveillance of their users" - EFF's @RaineyReitman on @Forkast_News

And for any concerned I'll be taking all the perfectly fine working 3k bulbs to my family farm to be used in the various sheds and stuff. I'm not THAT wasteful. Just anal.

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I spent like $100 on lightbulbs so that I could get each room in the house to a consistent 5k white light since the previous owners had a mix of led/incandescent bulbs everywhere and some where 3k "warm" lights and others were 5k white light.

Also am I crazy for having a preference of 5k for the temperature of my lighting? Or just crazy for actually having a lighting temperature preference at all?

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