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Scheduled my booster shot for next week. Had I realized obesity is actually considered an underlying condition I probably would have done it sooner. Why even make it a qualifier if that pretty much opens it up to like 70% of Americans? 🤣

Stayed up late last night cause we got an extra hour and then didn't realize that my clock had already updated and stayed up till 3am.

Tired but had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with pickleball and a new car. Not ready to go on call Tuesday though.

It’s almost the gift-giving season! Electronic Frontier Alliance member @cypurrnyc has a digital holiday buyers guide coming next Saturday to help you through the marketing fog.

Loved it. I think it did well staying true to the book. The music was great. Ready for the next one.

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Pumped to see Dune tonight at 6pm. I loved the whole series of books and am ready for a flashy expensive adaptation of what is in my mind. The old movie just doesn't do it for me.

Someone was having a bad day. Saw it on my way to pickleball this evening. Could feel the heat from the car as I drove past.

The cryptocurrency provision of the infrastructure bill "is part of a larger movement by regulators to basically task actors within the cryptocurrency community to engage in more surveillance of their users" - EFF's @RaineyReitman on @Forkast_News

And for any concerned I'll be taking all the perfectly fine working 3k bulbs to my family farm to be used in the various sheds and stuff. I'm not THAT wasteful. Just anal.

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I spent like $100 on lightbulbs so that I could get each room in the house to a consistent 5k white light since the previous owners had a mix of led/incandescent bulbs everywhere and some where 3k "warm" lights and others were 5k white light.

Also am I crazy for having a preference of 5k for the temperature of my lighting? Or just crazy for actually having a lighting temperature preference at all?

Played a little of the open beta for Back4Blood. It really is just like Left4Dead but updated for today's graphics. The addition of the cards to get perks and upgrades to your weapons is a nice fresh touch too. Free for the weekend on steam.

Dashers used an app called Para to dig into the dispatch orders from Doordash to figure out how much they'd earn from the jobs on offer. Doordash's excuse for freezing out Para - "protecting privacy" - is self-serving nonsense #privacywashing

Mask mandates in the city means no beard trim with my haircut today. A good trim by someone else is so enjoyable for some reason.

Moved to a new home and setup an ecobee 3 lite this afternoon without breaking anything, so that's nice. I do find it annoying that in every place I've ever lived, the HVAC never has the c wire connected. At least this time I didn't have to do it in a sweltering attic.

Moved to a new home over the weekend and the honeydo list is so long.... Still happy with the new location, profits on the previous home, and downsizing to something that feels just right.

Staying connected has never been more important. Help me support EFF and the fight for every tech users’ right to privacy, free speech, and digital access.

On another note, taking book suggestions since I'm almost through ready player two

Been on a relaxing family vacation this week and it's been great. Actually spending some time reading and managed to read Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir and have about 80 pages left of Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline. If you liked The Martian, Project Hail Mary is a similarly good read. Ready Player Two so far is alright but definitely not as good as the first.

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