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Long day of driving but finally at the beach. And it is relaxing.

Oh hello fediverse. It's been quite a while but I've been busy.

Gonna go check out a new home being built today. Even though the market is super hot right now, I think we will get enough money out of our current home to offset it.

This will be my 4th move in 9 years, all in the same area. Getting kinda good at it, but hopefully this is the last for a while.

Surprise streaming! Tonight I've been wanting to try out the earthbound ancient cave randomizer Come watch me fail at

It's a pretty tame seed if I remember correctly.

It's time for FFVII! Help me figure out wtf I'm doing cause this is still my first play through. Long game is long.

Happy read only FridTime for some more friends. Probably not on for a long time but definitely on for a good time. Come say hi. everyone.

Remember getting locked out of your Google account? Well Apple's no better, and they'll give you just as much of the runaround as Google will in trying to get your account back.

Leave Apple while you can. Diversify your account portfolio, and I'm not talking about

Time to play some FFVII! Get in here and help me cause I have no idea what I'm doing. Gonna be a shorter stream tonight but I wanted to get one in.

Check out awesome episode of
This Week in Linux 141 #Podcast!

#GRUB2 Security Flaw, to Force Updates?,'s Steam Link, 15.3 Beta!

And so much more #Linux GNews! 😀🐧🐧
#podcasts #TechNews

It's the 5 year anniversary of Stardew Valley coming out! Going to continue my journey on Beardos farm in Summer of Year 1. Hopefully my friends are able to hop in a little bit later and help with some co-op.

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