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Time to get down on the Beardos farm in StardewValley. Come kick off the weekend with me.

Going live in a few minutes on twitch! Come hang out! Https://

It's Tuesday night game night and we're playing DBD.

When preparing a security education training, it's crucial to know your audience. That's why we emphasize working closely with members of the community that you'll be teaching to strike a balance between too little and too much generalization.

Alright, not gonna mess this up. FFVII but with less messing up. Come help me!

Going live tonight to playthrough earthbound again in an attempt to get good. Trying to familiarize myself with the game more so maybe I can speed run someday?

Let's get this stardew party started.

Drop in. Say hi. Help me get to 50 followers

A little late to the stream but late is better than not at all. Come watch some DBD with friends.

Even though it's been a pretty mild winter where I'm from, still not looking forward to 6 more weeks of winter.

Gonna do a short stream with PanickedAce over on Twitch and play some among us! Pop over and say hi in a few.

Well I've never played all the way through FFVII despite owning a PS Classic, Steam version, and switch version of this game. I really have like no idea what I'm doing so feel free to stop by and help me not miss stuff.

StardewValley Co-Op. Where Lebonzo wastes money on stupid stuffed bunnies.

well do I finish Earthbound tonight or do I die miserably several times in a row because I'm under leveled and don't know what I'm doing. Come find out at

Going live on twitch for some StardewValley Co-Op. Come watch me suck at video games on Twitch!

Going live again on to continue on this earthbound playthrough. Come chat and watch me suck at video games.

When is NVIDIA gonna get 30 series cards regularly available? I've been wanting a 3080 or 3090 for a while now.

Of course I need AMD to get some Ryzen 9 5950s in stock too...

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