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StardewValley Co-Op. Where Lebonzo wastes money on stupid stuffed bunnies.

well do I finish Earthbound tonight or do I die miserably several times in a row because I'm under leveled and don't know what I'm doing. Come find out at

Going live on twitch for some StardewValley Co-Op. Come watch me suck at video games on Twitch!

Going live again on to continue on this earthbound playthrough. Come chat and watch me suck at video games.

When is NVIDIA gonna get 30 series cards regularly available? I've been wanting a 3080 or 3090 for a while now.

Of course I need AMD to get some Ryzen 9 5950s in stock too...

Another night pushing through Earthbound. 4 Your Sanctuary locations complete, 4 more to go. Drop in and say hi at

Continuing my playthrough of Earthbound on twitch

Still working on getting my 50 followers for affiliate. Stop by and chat or pop in and just watch too.

Not sure why I waited so long to watch cobra Kai. It's kinda cheesy but I love it. Started season 2 tonight.

Today felt oddly quiet without Signal.

I did donate to them though, as I appreciate what they've accomplished.

Streaming again Playing some Dead By Daylight with friends. Stop by and give me a follow. Trying to get to 50!

Going live on twitch to continue a playthrough of Earthbound. Come say hi.

Merry belated Christmas everyone. Just me hopping on to see what the fediverse is doing because my in-laws are talking about covid and I'm keeping my mouth shut to not be the one to start arguments.

Let's just say that I'm in a room of people that say stuff like "China virus" and some don't want to get the vaccine and its uncomfortable for me.

Last night I finally took the time to move my nextcloud to a beefier server. Went pretty well once I figured out that I typo'd the name of the postgresql database I restored to. Dropped that database and restored to the correct name and I was back in business.

Also comforting to know that if I really did lose the server, my backups are sufficient to recover from. Just need to document a few more things so it's even easier next time.

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