Didn't jog for a week and now it's getting warmer which is harder. At least I went.

EFF is spring cleaning! We're offering a BOGO on select RFID-Blocking Wallets! Grab and mix-match a bunch of privacy protecting wallets for friends and family. Get two for the price of one! supporters.eff.org/shop/2-1-rf

Starting Stargate Atlantis again tonight. I really enjoy this show.

@joel definitely new to jogging. Want to try to do it more consistently. I've done 5ks and stuff before but that feels like forever ago and was normally just as a group for a cause and not because I enjoyed running.

@fedops It's a good suggestion. I already have a personal subscription to that but have not checked out their stuff. Getting dedicated time for it would be amazing instead of having to do it all on my own time.

Any recommendations for training or conferences I can request from my employer around kubernetes? I feel like we have a training budget every year that hardly gets touched. Also open to recommendations for AWS stuff. Already requesting re-invent this year.

Lucky guesses count right?
Wordle 303 3/6


So Happy Valentine's Day fosstodon. Hope everyone gets to spend some time with the ones they love. Doesn't matter if it's friends, family, or a significant other. And maybe show your favorite FOSS project some love today with a donation.

Well that was lucky....

Wordle 212 2/6


Absurdle 6/∞



I do enjoy my daily wordle but this is absurdle. qntm.org/files/wordle/index.ht

so far my best is getting it in 7 guesses twice.

This is today at 7PM CT! Learn how content creators can stick with free and open-source software with our friend and Electronic Frontier Alliance member @EFFaustin. twitter.com/EFFaustin/status/1

Hate when I'm that close and just pick the wrong word.

Wordle 206 4/6


@kev yeah, as a big ole dumb american, I don't think I know anyone with a kettle. Like ZERO.

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