Didn't jog for a week and now it's getting warmer which is harder. At least I went.

About 5 hours on the smoker and we have jerky. Looks like they turned out well for my first time. Waiting to eat them tomorrow with friends at boardgame night. 2lbs made 1.2lbs of jerky. Not bad for $10 of meat plus marinade.

Actually not too cold out today. That means it's time for some pickleball. Might be the last outdoor game of the year.

Appears to have worked since Uninstalling had me reauthorize tusky. Simply logging out was not enough. I assume reauthorization on my pixelfed will fix that too. Here's a picture of my dog. Thanks for following along on this helpdesk troubleshooting adventure.

And it works on risky from my tablet. Time to uninstall reinstall I suppose.

Someone was having a bad day. Saw it on my way to pickleball this evening. Could feel the heat from the car as I drove past.

Long day of driving but finally at the beach. And it is relaxing.

Going live in a few minutes on twitch! Come hang out! Https://twitch.tv/thelogrus1

It's Tuesday night game night and we're playing DBD.

Of course after the movie I get home to deal with this. I don't even know how he got the pillow. It was outside the crate on the side.

It's officially the Christmas season now that I've seen Hans Gruber fall off the Nakatomi building.

Fun little evening watching die hard with 2 friends in their back yard on a cheap projector from Amazon. Nice little fire to keep warm.

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