Going live in a few minutes on twitch! Come hang out! Https://twitch.tv/thelogrus1

It's Tuesday night game night and we're playing DBD.

Of course after the movie I get home to deal with this. I don't even know how he got the pillow. It was outside the crate on the side.

It's officially the Christmas season now that I've seen Hans Gruber fall off the Nakatomi building.

Fun little evening watching die hard with 2 friends in their back yard on a cheap projector from Amazon. Nice little fire to keep warm.

us-east-1 issues...

9:12 AM PST: The Kinesis Data Streams API is currently impaired in the US-EAST-1 Region. This issue is also impacting other services, including ACM, Amplify Console, API Gateway, AppMesh, AppStream2, AppSync, Athena, AutoScaling, Batch, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Cognito, Connect, DynamoDB, EventBridge, IoT Services, Lambda, LEX, Managed Blockchain, Marketplace, Personalize, Resource Groups, SageMaker, Support Console, Well Architected, and Workspaces.

If I can't break my late night habit of watching YouTube videos until way to late, I might as well force myself to walk while doing it.

I hope everyone in the united states gets out and exercises their right to vote. Been at the polling place since 5am. Gotta be here till the ballots are picked up.

Dinosaur comics isn't always techy but sometimes T-Rex hits a little too close to home.

❤️ Qwantz.com

Blood and what happened to my hand. Pretty gross so maybe don't click if you're squeamish. 

Totally sucks. Wife was definitely not happy.

And I thought the 2 minute ads on YouTube were bad. How is something that is 40+ minutes considered an ad? The video I'm watching is almost as long. How long before we get ads this long that we can't skip?

Was a nice day for a bike ride. I haven't gone for a ride in over 2 months but some friends agreed to go a little slower and let me tag along. Nice little ride along the Katy Trail out to Defiance for some lunch and back.

Hope all the Americans here are enjoying Labor Day.

Played a little pickleball this morning and supposed to go play again with my in-laws this afternoon.

I like it cause it's still fun even if you aren't great at it.


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