Man job searching is exhausting. At least I think I'm getting a good idea of the areas I'm weak in so I can focus on some learning.

The jobs I'm excited about don't give an offer and the offers I do get are too low. I should just be happy I don't NEED a new job but it's still disappointing.

@Logical_Error that's actually really solid and I think I'll be stealing that template to respond to all the LinkedIn spam.

I'd also like a change (and better pay), so I'm curious to your game plan; are you just active on LinkedIn?

@RyuKurisu right now it's just been responding to recruiters on LinkedIn and applying to posts on LinkedIn jobs. Have 1 offer now and potentially 2 coming next week. We'll see if I like any of them enough to leave.

Anywhere you go will have BS to deal with but extra money always helps with that for a while. There's something to be said for dealing with the BS you know though too.

I also like to say the grass is greener on the other side cause I'm not over there fucking it up. :ac_laughter:

Maybe it is time I'd create a LinkedIn profile again? I've never actively used it before, but maybe I should reconsider. Do you also share a lot of content over there, or did you only upload your resume?

@RyuKurisu I really never post on LinkedIn. I just have all my job history there and I think I set my profile to open to opportunities. Don't even have to be active on the site for people to reach out

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