I got a pour over coffee brewer with reusable stainless steel mesh filter for my birthday today but now I feel like I want an electric kettle so I don't have to boil water in a cooking pot with no spout on my stove like a pleb.

recommended electric kettles for use with pour over coffee? Hopefully not something ridiculous expensive.

@logrus1 Disclaimer: not a coffee "connoisseur"
I think the general recommendation is to get one with a goose neck for better control when pouring. IIRC, you're meant to do a circular motion while pouring the water for some reason (better aeration maybe?) I'm going off of one binging with babish episode I watched like a year ago though so take that with a grain of salt.

@logrus1 here in the UK EVERY house has a kettle, so we’re somewhat experts 😊

You get what you pay for with kettles. Get a cheap one and the element will likely burn it in a few months. I personally rate Russell Hobbs and Dualit.

@kev Yeah, I mean what psycopath doesn't have a kettle?

@kev yeah, as a big ole dumb american, I don't think I know anyone with a kettle. Like ZERO.

@logrus1 I've used a stainless tefal one for years, they're very reliable. Generally, it's always a plastic part that fails, or in cheaper kettles, the thing that should switch it off automatically when done, that's a bit unsafe.
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