Let's figure out what all the hub-bub is about Valheim. Going live to seek glory and probably die a whole bunch!

@logrus1 So much Swedish/Scandinavian stuff inside that game! And yeah, the mechanics do look a lot like Minecraft 😂

Let me know what you think! I've just stood up a private server today but I'm not going to start looking for others to play with until the world killing bug is smashed.

@logrus1 devs aren[t sure yet as they haven't been able to reproduce it but it's been reported and they've confirmed it.

I thought it is worth mentioning in case you're relying on the game world for something other than casual play.

@thewismit definitely a lot of fun. I feel like it would be fun to play solo too but I think in big groups is where this game kinda shines.

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