Any good tutorials out there for open source video editing? Was looking at open shot but am open to other ideas for software to use.

Never really messed with editing videos before but should probably start learning so I can cut some high light reels of longer streams I do.

I enjoy using Kdenlive and there does seem to be some good documentation and how-to videos for it out there.

@dallin @logrus1 Same for . I tried a bunch and it was the most stable editing 4k video (which you should never do, converting to a mezzanine format first seems prudent). Just wish one of the open source editors supported multi-cam editing..

@logrus1 tbh I think with video editing often the best way to learn it is to do it and mess around with stuff, personally I'd reccomend Kdenlive

@logrus1 i like and use open shot for being simple but it lacks nice quality text features. you could try and use olive also as an alternative besides kdenlive.

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