Of course after the movie I get home to deal with this. I don't even know how he got the pillow. It was outside the crate on the side.

@logrus1 Having a dog caged like that is not even legal here in Sweden. You shouldn't storage you dog like that, even if it's legal in your country.

@hund @logrus1 it is easily possible to raise your dog to enjoy being in a crate. Using Sweden as a prime example of animal rights is kind of a spurious endeavour, it having the policy that any dog found to have the wrong (or no) papers must be killed as soon as possible with absolutely no recourse. This is relevant because it informs the reader about the place where Sweden's animal laws come from: not necessarily a place of respect for the animal.

@krageon @logrus1 That is complete and utter bullshit. We have one of the most loving and protecting views and laws in regards to animals here.

@hund @logrus1 I'm not pulling this out of thin air - I learned this from a Swede studying to be a vet assistant. You can perhaps have a different view of whether or not killing for lack of papers is okay, but it is 100% something that happens.

@krageon @logrus1 If you illegally smuggle dogs into the country without any papers, they will be put to death. That's pretty logic. We can't know for sure where they from, what they are and what diseases they might bring into the country.

If your tick have puppies and do not meet the requirements from the Kennel club, you can't obviously register the puppies and you will not get any serious buyers. No one's coming to kill them. If you truly believe that bullshit your straight up trolling.

@hund @logrus1 if you buy a dog and someone later seems them illegal they will also be killed. Like I said, perhaps that is okay to you (evidently it is) but it doesn't look like proper animal treatment to me. The callousness with which it is assumed that a dog has to die just because the paperwork wasn't filed at the right time is inhumane.

If diseases really were the problem, a quarantine for observation and blood tests would be the answer.

@krageon @logrus1 I'm giving up. You're obviously just trying to troll me.

@hund @krageon not what I expected to wak up to on this. Haha. He is crate trained. He's only there when we leave the house which is not often. He likes his crate and it is never used as a punishment.

@hund we can disagree on this respectfully, I'm not trolling you. I just have specific views and they are not the same as yours
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