Also new here and not sure what to expect. Kind of happy to hopefully find like minded people and not have to worry about ads and tracking.

Trying to start using more open source and or privacy focused apps in my life and was turned on to this from @PINE64 as I'm hoping to pre-order the PinePhone Manjaro edition.

I enjoy technology, coffee, scuba diving, crypto, and all kinds of random stuff so my posts might be all over the place.

@logrus1 @PINE64
Welcome here! While this instance's main focus is FOSS, the discussed subjects are quite eclectic, and the instance owners are all for it.

@logrus1 Hey Phil! Scuba diving is cool, I've always wanted to do it. Welcome!

@logrus1 posts all over the place are great. Just because we all came here due to FOSS or something doesn’t mean we can’t share more diverse stuff.

@logrus1 welcome! i'm new here, too. been a week now. :)

i've been looking at the PinePhone Manjaro edition, too. would be curious to hear more of your thoughts on this. my biggest interest in it is for the kill switches.

@logrus1 hey fellow Phil! I just signed up yesterday for pretty much same reasons. Coincidentally I was also looking into the pine phone from @PINE64. I really want to get one but was sad the 3gb ram model with the cool dongle had already sold out before I took interest.

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