It's the 5 year anniversary of Stardew Valley coming out! Going to continue my journey on Beardos farm in Summer of Year 1. Hopefully my friends are able to hop in a little bit later and help with some co-op.

Starting a little early tonight because I can. Come help me in FFVII to get through Shinra tower and beyond.

Gonna be streaming more stardew valley tonight in about 15 minutes. Feel free to stop by and chill.

Let's figure out what all the hub-bub is about Valheim. Going live to seek glory and probably die a whole bunch!

alright I am live continuing my FFVII play through. Come help me!

Any good tutorials out there for open source video editing? Was looking at open shot but am open to other ideas for software to use.

Never really messed with editing videos before but should probably start learning so I can cut some high light reels of longer streams I do.

Amazon Ring still poses a threat to vulnerable and over-policed communities, but its introduction of end-to-end encryption is a victory for privacy advocates.

Going to be sucking at FallGuys today on twitch with the wonderful llamalamb. Stop by our streams and say hi. Will probably be spectating her a lot as I have played maybe 4 hours of this game and she has played a lot more than that!

Time to get down on the Beardos farm in StardewValley. Come kick off the weekend with me.

Going live in a few minutes on twitch! Come hang out! Https://

It's Tuesday night game night and we're playing DBD.

When preparing a security education training, it's crucial to know your audience. That's why we emphasize working closely with members of the community that you'll be teaching to strike a balance between too little and too much generalization.

Alright, not gonna mess this up. FFVII but with less messing up. Come help me!

Going live tonight to playthrough earthbound again in an attempt to get good. Trying to familiarize myself with the game more so maybe I can speed run someday?

Let's get this stardew party started.

Drop in. Say hi. Help me get to 50 followers

A little late to the stream but late is better than not at all. Come watch some DBD with friends.

Even though it's been a pretty mild winter where I'm from, still not looking forward to 6 more weeks of winter.

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