Okay Fosstodon. Christmas is about to be all up ons and I'm horrible about coming up with cool gift ideas for myself or others in the under $25 range. Mainly because if I want something and it's $25 or less, I just get it.

So what are some cool things I might not have that I can put on a list for people or that I could possibly gift to friends/family.

Doesn't have to be techy, can be stuff you can make too. Just looking for cool ideas from like minded people.

Its getting dark early again. Getting ready to throw a steak on the traeger and potatoes in the oven. Had to spend a little extra prep time cleaning out the firebox on the grill but luckily remembered before it got too dark.

Hope everyone's Sunday was lazy and enjoyable.

If I can't break my late night habit of watching YouTube videos until way to late, I might as well force myself to walk while doing it.

Man everyone talking about their websites and blogging makes me want to do it. Have used WordPress in the past but last night settled on giving Hugo a go. Don't have any posts or anything yet but have a little page out there with my name and link to my socials etc. Definitely wasn't too hard once I started getting into it.

Now to just find the time to create content....


In a scenario that many saw coming over a year ago, Jackson, Mississippi police are asking residents to allow live-stream access to their doorbell cameras, writes EFF's @mguariglia on @mozilla's blog. foundation.mozilla.org/en/blog

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This Saturday Electronic Frontier Alliance member @cypurrnyc, joined by EFF's @jilliancyork, will have a virtual workshop on the privacy concerns you may face with new holiday gadgets holiday shopping. eff.org/event/cypurr-2020-holi

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While members of Congress acknowledge that a few flawed companies have too much control over online speech, they’ve consistently failed to enact structural solutions to the lack of meaningful competition in social media. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/10/cong

A comic strip. About a computer virus. The world needs more stuff like that right now. (The comic, not the virus.)

Oh, if you want more nerdy stuff like this -- and to talk with other nerds in a politics (and troll-free) community... Clicky-clicky.


Wish @protonmail didn't rely on google play services for push notifications on the android app. I want to see if I can get away with using android without google services.

Not a huge deal, I probably shouldn't check my email constantly throughout the day anyway.

Would love to see the app in fdroid and not require google at all. Still dig the email service. Looking forward to drive beta and calendar getting out of beta.

Okay I think I'm gonna try Aegis. Fosstodon crew coming in clutch with quick replies. Thanks everyone!

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What is everyone using for TOTP 2FA? It's time to move away from google authenticator for me.

I hope everyone in the united states gets out and exercises their right to vote. Been at the polling place since 5am. Gotta be here till the ballots are picked up.

Took a little social media break this weekend but had to get on and say that my pinephone Manjaro community edition arrived a day earlier than expected. Definitely different and nice to have something new to play with.

Now the question is what to do with it cause definitely not quite what I want in a daily driver. Planning to play with Manjaro for a bit but I do have an sd card with ubuntu touch ready to go.

What are some must get apps/first steps

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