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"No estamos interesados en nada que no sea #Bitcoin y #LightningNetwork no porque no ocurran cosas interesantes fuera. Tal vez sea así. Pero el tiempo es el más escaso de los recursos y preferimos centrar nuestra atención a dispersarla demasiado".
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We're uninterested in anything that isn't #Bitcoin & the #LightningNetwork not because there aren't interesting things happening outside of it. Maybe ther…

New #Bitcoin full nodes and #LightningNetwork nodes for #Botswana. Workshop @SatoshicentreBw

Bitcoin is the most decentralized cryptocurrency. You can run a node everywhere in the world. (yes, you do need internet, after the inital setup you can do without high speed internet).
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Can you find the honey badger? #Bitcoin

One of the hallmarks of #clightning ⚡️is its incredibly low memory and CPU footprint, which allows #LightningNetwork users to run many nodes at once on something as simple as a @RaspiBlitz. @syke explains👇

I'm glad to report that Alby is a fantastic way of using #LightningNetwork in the browser, both for authentication/logins as well as payments!

And it works flawlessly with our LndHub-based @kosmos account wallets. 🎉

You know how many countries you are automatically financially accessible from if you accept payments or donations via #LightningNetwork?

All of them. No one left behind. Every human deserves this access, in both directions of value flow.

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This amazing faucet from @_bitcoiner is making me tweet this to claim my free lightning sats. ⚡

@boltcoiner unlock me 389c5680-2ca7-42a6-b538-735db22289fc

#bitcoin #lightningnetwork #boltcoiner

Dear Chauffeur-driven Delhi, please train your drivers to not honk at other cars and/or pedestrians. Especially in your SUVs with your blaring horns. Love, Deafened

As far as cryptocurrencies go, it’s encouraging to see Nano continuing to focus on the fundamentals.

I’ll make some time to update my little web donation widget ( ) with the new currency name and symbol.

#xno #nano @xno

I've got system overload. #nextcloud for storage and collaboration #kodi for media #openhab for home management and #mycroft for voice UI. There are links between them all but way too many interfaces..


🇨🇿 Byla jsem čestně uznána, odteď mě prosím čestně uznávejte! :) Mám radost.
🇬🇧 I won Honorable Mention in the Jiří Levý Translation Contest for translating an excerpt of Brit Bennett's The Vanishing Half. :)


I found out that there is an ActivityPub module for Drupal, but it doesn't seem to be production ready. In fact it seems they have still a lot to do. Even their tests are failing...

People who still use IRC actively, how do you discover interesting channels?

My pronouns? I am fine with she/her (and equivalents) + singular they (and other neutral ones) and support having pronouns visible, but I don't want to push English to many non-English spaces where I am in, and the idea of using Esperanto occurred to me.

Effects so far: My amount of private chats with Esperanto speakers is growing, some people are less confused on my pronouns and the awareness on computers downgrading from 1887-typewriters regarding accents is increasing.

#Lagrange v1.6.5 is available:

Various minor bug fixes this time. Worth mentioning is the KMSDRM fix, so one can run the app in a console outside X11 and Wayland. (Tested on Raspberry Pi 400.)


If E2EE did become illegal, the community could simply fork Session and take control of it because it's Open Source and it runs on a decentralised network maintained by our community.

That's what we mean when we say that our community owns Session.

We're just the custodians.

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"en un mundo dominado por hombres, donde prima la locura y la ignorancia, los grandes perdedores son las mujeres y niñas, los ancianos, discapacitados y aquellos que piensan/sienten diferente y buscan la libertad (espiritual, intelectual y meritocrática); me duele pensar en las niñas que no serán mujeres, en las mujeres que no serán profesionales o madres, o tías o hermanas, en las almas oprimidas por la tristeza y desesperanza;

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