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always trying to regain the creative momentum I had at 2am that one time

Turned on my phone’s grayscale color filter to make it more boring, and it has had the complete opposite effect

It's called "", cause the articles are neither rare nor well done.

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I’ve spent a ton of time looking at using Obsidian/Zettlr/Logseq and still haven’t settled on which one to use.

Need an iOS app, flat file storage, portable markdown format, and an editor that doesn’t suck. Obsidian seems to cover everything but the last one, though closed source.

Would also be nice to find a solution that doesn’t use Electron but that’s like asking for roads without potholes where I live

Never mind, Docker isn’t “officially” supported on my model and I don’t really want to go off-roading with my local backup device

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I completely forgot you can run Docker images on a Synology NAS. Wonder if it’s worth it to run pihole + Unifi on it when my DS215+ has 1GB RAM

Just what I needed, short form videos about an Intel NUC case

On second inspection, it’s actually the tiny fan in the 2012 Intel NUC that runs pihole/Unifi. Going to take it apart later, though I have a bad feeling about parts availability

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I think the fan in my Synology DS215+ is starting to wear out its bearings, I can hear a low hum now.

I don't get the outrage with the DO price increase. They now offer a 512MB VPS for $4/m, and then 1GB VPSs start at $6. I think this is still a deal considering 512MB was $5/m and 1GB was $10/m a few years ago.

And Vultr has had similar pricing (with faster hardware) for a few years now.

I like that Hugo shows errors in the browser when running hugo server, and today's release makes those errors even more helpful.

Might be time to clean up the .git directory on my personal site. I read that's an impossible task though, I think I have to delete the .git directory and start fresh.

designer's personal sites are all like "HIRE ME TO REDEFINE REALITY ITSELF" in big fancy fonts and then you go to a developer's site and it's monospace "I'm Bob. Here's my CV and 3 links to my abandoned projects on GitHub. Also, I have a job."

So, I opened a new tab in #Firefox and immediately notice this. After a brief WTF moment, I click on the dots menu over the icon and land on this page:

(Note that from the URL I removed the UTM: `as=u&utm_source=inproduct`)

To sum up, another automatic opt-in from which I have to say no in the settings.

There's lots of dark patterns around unsubscribing from newsletters, but this one by Adobe takes the cake for me.

Always have to remind myself of this GitHub repo whenever I install Linux or reinstall macOS

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