We have been silent for too long. Apologies for that.

FOSDEM 2022 will happen on the weekend of 2022-02-05 & 2022-02-06.

We have been trying to plan since August, but finding consensus on what we can do is taking more time than anticipated.

Sorry, and please bear with us.

Right, somewhere along version 247/248, Systemd in stopped working altogether (even in privileged mode).

And before you ask why even use Systemd in a container... well, Puppet acceptance tests 😉

Anyway, 'sudo apt install podman-docker' proved to be an instant solution. Even was unaware of the change 😀

Well, happy birthday !
Big thank you to all contributors for their efforts over the last three decades!

If your events disappeared after upgrading to 91, the issue is related with the "Provider for Google Calendar" addon.

You can restore the functionality by removing calendar subscriptions and configuring them using the instructions found in this GitHub issue ⬇️

Debian celebrates our 28th Anniversary today on #DebianDay! bits.debian.org/2021/08/debian This was only made possible with the support of our Contributors, Developers, and Users. Thank you! Let's all enjoy some Debian! #DebianDay #debian (P.S. #ReleasingDebianBullseye) :)

For bullseye, the security suite is now named bullseye-security so users should adapt their APT source-list files and configuration accordingly when upgrading. More details on debian.org/releases/bullseye/a #NewInBullseye #Debian11Bullseye

HAProxyConf 2021 is happening this November 16-17 is virtual edition.

Registrations are fee and already open 😉

"The most unbelievable things about life before smartphones"


What a fun little article. If you are younger than 30, a lot of things in that article probably won't make any sense to you 😀

Happy system administrator appreciation day to all sysadmins and those who feel that way!

Cheers! 🍻

It's good to see publicly pressuring to lower their bandwidth prices, but I've got to say that it's highly unlikely that we're going to see AWS budge on this one.


SSD belonging to Euro-cloud was stolen from back of a truck, then turned up on YouTube

You can't make this shit up! 😲

It's so annoying that env shipped with 7 doesn't support -S (--split-string) switch (introduced in coreutils 8.30) 😩

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