In the past month, I've started contributing to Flathub to update runtimes as to reduce the amount of applications using EOL runtimes. In this adventure, I've made some small projects and some great progress towards towards reducing the amount of applications using EOL runtimes.

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You're right but I feel bad leaving issues open without working on them. I guess in a way, I don't want to be seen as unresponsive or as not caring. I still leave issues open but it hurts.


It's very clear to me that the FSF and GNU will never be free of RMS.

GNU is a dictatorship (quite literally as there is no election system, only RMS). The FSF technically could change but that won't happen. The current board are RMS' friends and essentially everyone who wanted to move on from RMS have left the FSF.

Both are just RMS in terms of governance and RMS will never resign as he's previously said himself.

The only other outcome is an exodus imo.

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I can sympathize with your point of view but I expect most people to look at closed issues and see the response I gave. In an ideal world, other people chime in and help to fix it but a lot of the time, I'm as ignorant as the person reporting the issue and nobody comes to save the day unfortunately.

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Maybe I can give my perspective because I've closed issues in the past without being sure that they were fixed.

Sometimes seeing too many bugs can lead to desperation because there is too many and it seems impossible to do it all.

Sometimes the issue is quite old and I believe it might've been fixed at some point in time.

Sometimes I can't fix the issue because the package I maintain is proprietary and I have to pull my hair out to try and fix it.


I had the idea to allow Friends Of GNOME to have an account there but I guess that would mean it doesn't count as donation anymore, right?

@BalooUriza @hj @boilingsteam

That's simply not true. There are X servers for them but they're third-party. Microsoft WSL only supports Wayland (and XWayland for X11 compat).

If you're updating or maintaining on , you might want to check out this script I made. It does a few things like set the flags that flathub uses, checks for 128x128 icons, checks if your appstream is good and if your desktop file has the right appid. It'll likely avoid you a couple of "ah crap, it failed on flathub but works locally". It's also generally good practice. Improvements more than welcome!


Why? Is it because you believe the Web should be more focused on markup? Or is there something you'd consider a mistake in the implementation? Genuinely curious 🤔


I like his manhunt videos, they're pretty entertaining. Otherwise, I don't really care.


Hi Elias,

You are not entitled to people's time, I chose to give you mine. In hindsight, I think that was a mistake.

Your impressions are wrong and I've explained to you many times what I actually believe.

If you chose to continue acting this way, I will simply block you. Your sealioning tactic is really annoying and I'd ask you to stop.

@ernie @torbuntu

I tried it and it didn't work. I didn't have much experience back then. I ended up doing a bunch of other applications and forgetting about it.

I have returned and I figured out why it wasn't building. It works now.

Please backup your data, test this and comment there if it works or you find problems.

@hund @zemarmot

Curious. What system takes more than two commands to install flatpak and GIMP through it?

It really should just be :
1) Install flatpak
2) Run the flatpak install command shown above

And bam! Works the same on your distro as any others.

@alex @dada

Ces articles pourraient t'interresser puisque tu te demande pourquoi c'est arrivé et tu semble valoir JACK comme étant la solution.


I don't know. It depends on what I'm trusting them with.

I trust Google to be better with open source software in general but Microsoft Bing Maps is cool with OSM so I kinda trust them more in that department.

@squaregoldfish @javier

This is my personal opinion but 2% is as precise as you'd ever really want to change with key presses. Now, for the normal tap, you could go 4%, but that's 25 presses to go from one way to the other, too much. 6% then, just 17 presses, not that bad. 8% is 13 presses, you only remove 5 presses but lose 2% preciseness.

With this logic in mind, 2% and 6% seem fair. It makes a nice 1/3 fraction.

@torbuntu @ernie @l

Notes-Up! seems to be on the latest release. The runtime is out of date though, that should be fixed by the maintainer. I might make a PR tomorrow.

As for Athenaeum, as long as it still works, I don't believe it should be killed. I think it can still be shipped as long as it works.

Sorry for necro-posting.


For me, the workflow of Windows is just really annoying but I'm also very used to the GNOME workflow so I might be biased.

I also wish that Windows try to containerize/sandbox applications especially considering the "grab random executables on the internet" model of application distribution.

Otherwise, the usual removed freedoms and privacy.

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