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I don't think many people who have an existing channel to communicate will even bother trying to send an email unless that was already established to be a line of communication.

Further, it can be important to find how the community used to be and what they were thinking about. Or maybe just wanted to see how some people wrote in the past.

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I was almost interested to find what this was until I saw "Building Web3: Berty" and immediately closed the page.

How would you encourage people to comment on your ?


Well, a lot of older media didn't really get attention outside of Japanese until much later because outside of Shonen Jump, the internationalization of Japanese animation is a much more recent thing.

For Studio Ghibli, it's Walt Disney Japan who pushed for it by acquiring the rights in the 1990s (although there were some rather unsuccessful attempts before that by other companies).


I believe that there was crunch during the development of the Studio Ghibli adaptation considering how short the production time was but I'm not sure how much of my analysis would also apply to the novel.


Some people just like having some things a bit more private for various (usually personal) reasons.

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You can make posts available only to your followers so some people only accept people they want to see those posts. Think of it like private instagram accounts if you've ever seen those (although in this case, you can still see the person's public posts.


Thanks! It's the first time I do analysis on something I like (I've done a few because of school), glad that people are liking it. Personally hoping for people to chime in with their own observations.

Recently there was an article on HN talking about the downward usage of , the rise of closed social media and its effects on and , it felt rather incomplete in exploring the subject so I decided to explore it a bit more.



The Pop shop is not based on GNOME Software AFAIK, it's based on ElementaryOS's AppCenter. That may be why, I don't know if EOS's AppCenter has those warnings.

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It's such a shame that Gecko stopped being embeddeable. And yeah, Galeon is a pretty good example considering it became Epiphany exactly because it was becoming too complex.

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I mean, it's a double edged sword. You'll likely never be able to create an API which is as extensible as GNOME extensions allow. (Likely the same is true for GTK theming but that's less flexible so it should be more doable)

I'm not sure if that should mean keeping the status quo or trying to replace it and potentially making a ton of people unhappy in the process to make things less hacky. It's a hard decision to make.

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Yeah, from some searching, In Toronto there's a few Burberry as close as 1:30 drive from London, Ontario. In most cases, it's probably fine - and in fact, the branding I see from pictures doesn't even mention London at all.

Nitpick totally unrelated to the post's point 

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There's a few London in the US, one in Canada and well, one in England so, yeah. There's a couple.


I see, I've personally not seen Your Name but Voices of a distant star was on the blu ray I bought as an extra.

I think Paprika definitely fits mesmerising the most. Perfect Blue is more so terrifying now that I think about it some more. I think Satoshi Kon's work is really a celebration of the power of animation. It's really different from anything I've seen.


What do you think of Satoshi Kon's movies? Much more experimental but I think they're pretty mesmerising.

Did you watch Voices of a distant star by Makoto Shinkai? The art is rather crude but I felt it left a bigger impression on me than 5 centimeters even though I think I could relate more to 5 centimeters.

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