In the past month, I've started contributing to Flathub to update runtimes as to reduce the amount of applications using EOL runtimes. In this adventure, I've made some small projects and some great progress towards towards reducing the amount of applications using EOL runtimes.

If you're updating or maintaining on , you might want to check out this script I made. It does a few things like set the flags that flathub uses, checks for 128x128 icons, checks if your appstream is good and if your desktop file has the right appid. It'll likely avoid you a couple of "ah crap, it failed on flathub but works locally". It's also generally good practice. Improvements more than welcome!

We talked and you're still making strawmans? Really?

Just a blog post talking about getting locked out of because I changed my email too fast (yes, that's a thing) and well, a lesson learned about keeping other ways to contact people.

I posted this yesterday, it's a follow-up to a post I did a few days ago, I'm mostly posting it here to test, not gonna lie. Comment as you would normally :P


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