I personally don't find re-tooting tweets from Twitter to very useful.

@lioh True, it's anti-pattern, but it is a legacy support for more short-minded people that still use Twitter...

@lioh I only follow some organizations, that have their main means of communication via twitter to reach a wide audience, but also retweet their contents here.
@fragdenstaat is one of those.

Makes following them and interacting with them easier, so I appreciate it.

There's some people who's twitter accounts I follow through RSS feeds via , but thats one way only.

agree @lioh invited my tweet friends to follow me here • not a single one of them did • plenty of trolls but mastodon instances make that challenging w/o joining • Twitter follow accounts can be mirrored here but what’s the point • If they didn’t ever interact with engagement experience is a lil more real than on any other soc platform I’ve used

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