Why it's important to get paid for Free Software development:

Stenberg talks about his experience with cURL development.

Even though I fully disagree with the quote:

'Many in the open-source community are opposed to the idea that they should be paid .... Some in the open-source community believe that monetization defeats the purpose of free'

I have never heard such comments from Free Software developers. Maybe they exist, but in the end everybody has to get an income.

@lioh Of course getting paid is important, but - in my opinion - getting paid limits the unconventional (or hopeless) projects people will work on. Its like making your hobby to your dayjob: You will lose some creativity.

@RalfWausE I am not saying that those project should not exist. Of course there are people who just want to do their 'hobby' thing, but that does not mean the others should not be heard.

@RalfWausE and with getting paid I personally do not mean being hired by a company to work on a project.

What I mean is that there should be a solid way to fund these projects. Companies should also take their responsibilities if they are using Free Software and donate time or money for it. End Users can contribute also little amounts (as someone who relies on that I can tell you for sure).

@lioh Hmmm... i think a way could be something like a fund where companies which uses parts of free software pay into, this money could then be distributet to the free software community. Here in germany there is something called GEMA which does this (at least in theory) for artists:

@lioh could this boil down to the difference between open source and Foss?

@jordan31 no. definitely not. Anyhow I am mainly speaking of Free Software and nearly never use the other term. I think it is just the mentality: Free means 'free as in beer' and that's not true. Also Free Software devs needs to eat something sometimes.

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