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The 7th and last part of our LinuxCourse (German) is online: - You can learn how to create a Ramdisk, how to compile a custom Kernel and how to secure your computer against attacks using the AppArmor Framework.

We are happy to announce the November issue of our Linux Course Newsletter (German), in this issue we e.g. cover the alternative Office Suite

If you want to try -current with the latest Plasma release, check out the latest LiveDVD: or if you understand German check out our Linux course describing in detail how to install it:

Which Operating System you prefer for GNU/Linux beginners? (only two choices)

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Our old friends at @Canonical have given us some more #UbuntuTouch devices to use for further development. So here's the offer: if you want to help develop Ubuntu Touch and need a device let us know over on our forum and someone will be In touch the forum link is here . #ubuntu #Developer #linux

Finally we have been able to trace down the network issues we face to VRRP. Let's see if we can fix them tomorrow.

I could have known that it's impossible to follow an account from . This one is listed as the official account for @debian on - Good to see that there is still some activity in the project so maybe it might work in the future.

This always works as an excuse: "We are currently experiencing a service degradation due to issues with AWS data-centers located in Frankfurt. Our apologizes for the inconvenience. We are investigating the issue."

A tcpdump can slow down network connections so much that the error you are trying to caputre does not occur anymore.

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Still cross-posting on Twitter? Consider closing your account there completely. It may undermine your initiative by staying there as well.

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So many new faces on !

Welcome everyone, it’s great to have so many people in our little corner of the fediverse!

If you’re new to Mastodon, this post I wrote may help you get going:

If you’re still stuck, get tootin’! We have a tonne of extremely helpful members here.

Yeah. My first commit to AppArmor has been merged!

Yum (not dnf) is one of the slowest package managers I know.

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