Trying out @debian with as a day-to-day driver now. Let's see how far I get. A backup/restore system has already been set up. Hope I don't have to franken around with pinning/priorities too much.

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Using to restrict apps from doing things they have no business doing. At least half of the apps on my phone are checking the list of apps I have installed, checking the sensors, using analytics, and using tracking. One banking app even tried to request root access when opened (some ham fisted attempt to check if the device is rooted, no doubt).

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tribler has implemented a nice like approach to share torrents anonymously I had no time to compile it yet, but the specifications do look good.

Nice step: Bootable GNOME qemu images! Based on the freedesktop-sdk "distro". Designed for CI and development:

Imho so called 'stable' releases never work. Only the most important security fixes get backported. New and important features are not adopted at all.

Free Software Development always happens upstream, and depending on the software, upstream is . This is why I suggest to use modern GNU/Linux distributions. I personally prefer releases but there are also release based distributions which cover this.

Using Mailvelope on Debian with GnuPG is a bit messy. You first have to compile libgpg-error and gpgme manually as gpgme-json is not part of the distribution.

If you want to use in combination with you local GnuPG installation in Firefox, check this out:

Why it's important to get paid for Free Software development:

Stenberg talks about his experience with cURL development.

Even though I fully disagree with the quote:

'Many in the open-source community are opposed to the idea that they should be paid .... Some in the open-source community believe that monetization defeats the purpose of free'

I have never heard such comments from Free Software developers. Maybe they exist, but in the end everybody has to get an income.

Getting paid for Free Software is a sometimes difficult. E.g. I have decided to work 20% less on my day-job in order to be able to write the Linux Course. For this time I don't get paid and this money is literally missing in our pockets. It is important that you help with a donation - also little amounts count!

Next big thing I am working on for our Linux Course: describe how to install the latest KDE Plasma desktop for a nice and fresh user experience. @kde

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Kinda saw that coming.

"Richard M. Stallman resigns — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software"

@Gargron feature request: time based adaptive change of light and dark theme.

We are continuing our work on the Linux course. There are a lot of things in the pipeline, like more about -current, backgrounds on the Linux Kernel and a course variant with Debian GNU/Linux. To achieve this, we are in need of your help. Let us to reach our funding goals and don't leave the feeling alone.

Thanks for the hints, that was the website handler I was looking for. Anyhow I have now decided to stick with for the specific project I am working on now.

Someone here mentioned a Free Software blogging solution which supports . Something like writer or writly ... Can you give me a hint?

For me lurch / libpurple is the best OMEMO implementation for the moment. Seamless and just works. Easy to build from the source or available as packages for various distributions: - Dev support is experienced and friendly as well.

I really don't like hardware vendors who restrict the replacement of wireless cards in laptops. They pretend to do it for regulation and certification purposes but in the end all the chipsets are tested and regulated. I have never experienced any hardware issues with e.g. Atheros cards (which runs without blobs). My conspiracy theory is that the 'certified' card has been tested for better observation, but that's pure speculation until the next Spectre like breach for this kind of chips is out.

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