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"What Makes Decentralisation Hard? And How Do We Overcome This?" - Martin Krafft

In the following article, I am explaining how to change configuration settings using the 'setup scripts' (German)

Dear users who are cross-posting from twitter: it really makes no sense, especially if you are mentioning twitter accounts. It is somehow comparable with a dual-boot windows/linux installation: at one point you have to decide for your favorite OR post your tweets on twitter and your toots on mastodon.

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#BOFH excuse #405:

Sysadmins unavailable because they are in a meeting talking about why they are unavailable so much.

Writing acceptance tests that declare everything OK for the management but leaving out the actual code to make it work on the target is epic

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The Linux-Course (German) has found a new home on my personal . Please update your bookmarks and subscribe to the Blog Feed if you are interested in updates:

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Running on a machine where NFS kernel server is enabled is not a good idea, not to say: it just will not work:

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