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Touch OTA-17 Arrives May 12 with NFC Support, Available for Testing Now

MusE, the and free digital audio workstation (DAW) and audio sequencer software featuring support for both audio and MIDI, has been updated to version 4.0, a major release that introduces a new UI and many cool changes.

The team is happy to announce the release of version 21.04 with lots of interface and usability improvements and many bug fixes.

Today Canonical has released its latest version of the operating system, 21.04. Ubuntu 21.04 codenamed “Hirsute Hippo” packs with some cool new features and a lot of improvements over its predecessor Ubuntu 20.10.

Enabling even more developers to work directly from , FMOD Studio 2.02 has been released which includes (amongst other things) native support for Linux. This is actually pretty amazing! Since FMOD has quickly become the go-to audio solution for thousands of games and more use it all the time.

It's your time to with the 6.7 release out now. Also of note are 44 bugs marked as solved.

The , free, and lightweight email client designed specifically for the GNOME desktop environment has been updated today to version 40 as part of the latest GNOME 40 desktop environment series.

Using is simple, secure and easy. Just create an xmpp account, install an xmpp client, login and start chatting.

Continuing the gradual improvements towards the next LTS (Long Term Support) release, 21.04 is officially out now to bring some of the latest enhancements to the popular distribution.

The free and game engine Engine has a huge new feature release out, so big they had to change the version number and they have some big plans for long-term support.

is a modern looking open source Internet Radio player for desktop. Shortwave provides access to a station database with over 25,000 stations.

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