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Did you know that I have a Bitcoin wallet address that you can donate to? If you appreciate my work and want to give me a thanks you can donate some BTC to this address:


I'd advise other creators to also start taking donations in crypto since it's so convenient and is censorship resistant

Reminder that it's okay to identify as a Linux user, it's no weirder than identifying as a sports fan or a fan of any particular band

What's the best Windows program? Why Etcher of course! Why is that? Because it lets you install Linux!

In the eleventh episode @Ezra and @linmob discuss the @PINE64 June Community Update and interview content creator @LinuxLounge. They also discuss (your!) community feedback and questions!

Give it a listen:

Just tried Droidian on my Xioami Mi A2, absolutely awesome operating system that runs great, can't wait for it to be daily driveable

I guarantee that this Windows 11 leak is just Microsoft leaking a new Windows 10 update and them getting ready to come out and say "hey you know that new Windows 11 thing? That's just Windows 10, isn't it amazing how much we updated it!"

There's a new video out on YouTube and PeerTube, Odysee is being kinda slow tho :/

What amazes me about Linux gaming at the moment is that there aren't many games that don't work these days

Don't get me wrong, Geary is a nice email client, but Thunderbird, despite it's weird UI, is far more consistently working in my experience

To be honest for my use case Manjaro is actually better than Arch, it has really awesome cross platform support, it's quick and easy to deploy, it has a nice update model and it has some packages that I like to use in the default repos

Tried to get my VR headset working under Linux and it just wasn't happy, reading rotation from the headset worked but that's about it, the video that was supposed to go to the headset just displayed on my monitor for some reason

I have now decided, 1am posting is Fosstodon culture

Making computers appliance like black boxes has deprived a generation of an important learning experience

Okay but I wonder if daily Linux blog posts would be possible :thinking_rms:

What if Firefox was Firebandicoot with Crash Bandicoot around a crate?

FreeBSD feels like a different world. No shiny snaps, no flatpaks, no electron apps. Most apps have download links for Windows, Linux and macOS but not for FreeBSD. Although Freshports have a good collection of software for FreeBSD, the real fun lies in building from source.

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