Microsoft owned GitHub banned all Iranian users. All accounts are restricted now.

What is Github?

GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.



GitLab? No.

But why is "everything" people use for good of us all nowadays, governed by US instances?

Maybe Europe should wake up somewhat?

Well, at least Linux, IRC, SSH and SMS come from there.

All of those are from Finland i notice. Who to aid that little country done so much a bit?

Considering all the issues with, I'm curious what people are using instead. Gitlab, Gitea, others? Can someone who knows most of the obvious choices post a poll? Please include Github also, I'd like to see how many still use it.

Personally I use Gitlab, but I still have an account on Github, mainly to post issues.

@linux Fuvk Github 👎 But maybe it isn't that bad that that happened.Now people finally start to realize that it's still not a good idea to trust Micro$oft or centralized services in general.There are much better alternatives like Gitea,Gogs or Gitlab (not .com!) which can be hosted on own servers or used on free public instances like

@krag @linux Looks very good,thanks for the hint 👍 But I think I'll stay with NotABug as long as they don't do anything totally stupid.It's worked well so far and it's easier to access than requiring everyone to have Scuttlebutt.

@linux Gitlab has been unavailable to Iranian users since last year for the same reason. Not sure why Github took so long.


"Why it's always the ordinary people who pay taxes that have to suffer from dumb politics the most?" 🤔

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