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Qt Contributors' Summit will be taking place in tandem with Akademy! Learn more and register:

@bart Simply put, for first-class Ubuntu Touch support (they are one of the few partners) and decent value/cameras/performance.

I see it is a popular choice among Ubuntu users, or "casual Linux phone" community who do not really care about mainline.

The fact it runs downstream was definitely mentioned in the article for transparency

@tuxdevices I still don't know why that Volla Phone got "famous" as you mention it in the article. It's not a mainlined device, and neither do they intend to mainline it. They are full on admitting they need and don't mind libhybris/Halium.

Why is that phone interesting in anyway over the PinePhone or the Librem 5?

Librem 5 USA is shipping! "The smart phone retains the software security and privacy features of the Librem 5 while adding a transparent, secure supply chain with manufacturing in the USA.”

More progress. Now it uses exactly same approach as macOS and isn’t even that hacky. It doesn’t handle scrolling while zooming atm though, and I’m not sure whether the glitch with the position: fixed header is supposed to happen.

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While I am generally torn on 's 89 UI overhaul, I am totally OK with it on my .

@linmob with grim & wf-recorder, there already exist some utilities such an app (e.g. a simple python gui) could directly hook into, if one wants to rely on such external processes

I lost track of how many times I tried to implement faster zooming in WebKitGTK, but here’s another attempt. Likely GTK4-only, last time I tried it this approach wasn’t much faster than status quo with GTK3. But hey, zooming youtube on a 4K screen, and it’s sorta kinda smooth.

Ignore the flicker at the end or the fact it only zooms at the top left corner, that’s easier to fix once basics work.

@linmob If someone want do to a Kirigami UI for Contrac, I can mentor you for the Kirigami/QML bits :D

Projects I would like to get into, but sadly have no time for:
- Adding Squeekboard settings (theming, haptic feedback) to postmarketOS Tweaks
- Kirigami UI for Contrac (
- Developing a simple Screenshot and screenrecording GUI for Phosh

Just dropping this here in case anyone has time on their hands and no idea what to fill that time with. 🙂

I've published a new spin-off project from the #debian-janitor: #ognibuild aims to provide a basic interface to any buildsystem, including dependency discovery and resolution.

The new version of KDE's @matrix chat app, Neochat is out! NeoChat 1.2 comes with bubbles, a better text input component, fancy effects, an easier way to switch between accounts and much more. Go check it out!

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