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Let it be known that I will buy such a device if it exists

Purism have announced delays and price increases:

Colums are Product Product Status Parts Blocker Shipping Status Shipping Parity Price Increasing

Hey guys, you've had awesome questions in the past. While we have a few listener questions already for the next episode, we can always use more, so get them in!

BTW, totally unrelated: @linmob now has a PineTime, so we'll finally discuss this nice little device next week.

Dialect is a translation app for GNOME. Based on Google Translate, this app features text to speech, translation history, automatic language detection, and more!
Find it on Flathub: #GNOMECircle

#phosh 0.10.2 is out 🚀 :

This is another (stability and ui) bugfix release. It also updates several translations and adds initial built-in screenshot support.

See above release notes for the full list of changes and contributors.

#librem5 #purism #gnomeonmobile #gnome

I've tagged another git snapshot of #feedbackd with a bunch of fixes.

Here's the list of changes:

#feedbackd is used by #phosh, #calls and others to provide haptic, audio and led feedback.

#librem5 #gnome #gnomeonmobile

The @kde team has been hard at work making existing apps easier and more fun to use, and adding brand new ones to the catalog. Discover what's new with NeoChat, Elisa, Plasmatube, DayKountdown, Kolibri and many more great apps for your phone.

The forty-third edition of my weekly collection of news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!

, and hit milestones, a first PinePhone Beta Edition Unboxing and more!

Mobian unstable has now a sip client build into the calls application on your ! Configuration ist still without gui and it is very alpha, but an be tried.

Configuration hints at
Credits to @purism and @devrtz

I'm currently rewriting Fragments in Rust with a completely new network-oriented architecture.

To follow the development, it's the perfect time to join the Matrix room!

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