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"me in the morning, right after I turned the switches on"

This may not be the most impressive winter selfie (it's a 8M sensor outputting 0.3M after all), but you got to start somewhere :) #librem5

I did nothing but taking the photo (looped in a script with v4l2-ctl and dcraw; then displayed on screen using Eye of GNOME) - all the credit goes to Dorota and Martin, and the work continues there:

Join me in about an hour (8 pm UTC) for a live stream about , and more!

(YouTube only this time, I'll try to change that for the next one.)

If you have not listened the second episode of yet, do it now!

Make sure to leave some feedback with @Ezra and me. So if there's anything cool you want point out or know about (*glances at @PINE64 community update*), just get in touch!

Beware the might of the #PinePhone! I can scan with it, using a purely usb powered scanner

Made a quick and dirty phosh ringtone picker script with a zenity frontend.

PINE64 February Update! We've said it before, but for real this time: this is a big one...

- A look at RK3566 SBC
- keyboard news
- We're making a RISC-V SBC! -
- default OS is @kde PlaMo on @ManjaroARM
- back in March
- part of our ecosystem
- progress
- much more!

Your Smartphone Doesn't Have To Be Glued Shut!

The #librem5 was recently featured in a hardware tear-down video by @iFixit

#privacy #freedom

Stumbled upon this today:

While the switch to the Snapdragon 662 is unlikely to negatively impact LineageOS and Ubuntu Touch (I hope), it‘s likely a major bummer for the mainline Linux story, which was looking quite good with the 835.

We are making progress on the GTK4 rewrite of Fractal (called fractal-nex)

Please note so far it's just the ui.😅

Wow. An interesting choice of default OS for the #Pinephone. While #Manjaro + #KDE #PlasmaMobile is actually my personal dream choice, even I would have to admit that #UBports and #Phosh are more feature complete. We'll see what future development holds though.

What's interesting here though is that with @purism choosing Phosh as their default, that there's now effectively a "Gnome phone" and a "KDE phone", even though both can be reflashed with other OS's.

Fun times!
@kde @ManjaroARM

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