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Ubuntu Touch Q&A 89

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 89 is this Saturday 21st November at 19:00 UTC still giving you plenty of time to post your questions. Forum questions get priority so use the forum link before the event then Youtube Livechat and Telegram during the show.

Live Link:

Forum Link (questions):


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsQandA #Ubuntu #Lomiri #OTA15

I am having problems with my voice currently (well, it's been bad for a while), so my next video is going to be delayed. Maybe I am going to need to switch over to a different style of video, which would require intense editing. Don't like that, but..

Doing a software upgrade after about 2 weeks on my old "app test-drive" microSDXC card running by @danct12 mobile: 203 new packages!

... and here's the same from yesterday but on a #librem5.
For some reason #plymouth chokes a little compared to the devkit. Patches are all out there now so everyone can build their own encrypted #PureOS images.

#osk-sdl changes are already merged upstream, thanks @craftyguy

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Just regognised that my PC prefers my Pine phone over Wifi to connect with the Internet. As it sees it as wired connection. At least I know now that network tethering works on Mobian.
#Mobian #Pinephone

Coming soon: "LINMOB live", occasional live streams. Did a test run today and learned, will tweak my setup and try again soon. Thanks for everyone who watched it/joined in, you made it a fun experience!

@purism Currently manages 30 FPS, just right for that perfect cinematic experience ;) There's still work to do to unleash the full power of the SoC though!

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SuperTuxKart played on a Librem 5 phone using an external keyboard and a 1080p TV. So this is this "mobile gaming" they keep talking about, huh? :D
#librem5 @purism #convergence #mobile #linux

@mobian @PINE64 One more thing: That's not a laptop, I am not a magician, it's just a regular old HP Elite X3 Lap Dock, a "brainless laptop" that can be connected via USB-C, see for more information.

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I am just trying out / @mobian on my @PINE64 , and I think I might have to abandon "just do that other Plasma Mobile video, finish your blog post on the topic and that's it for the week"-plan.

I tried to include everything I really like here: Display Settings, Close Button on windows, mobile friendly Gnome To Do and Rhythmbox.

#sms can be a hit and miss when #pinephone is in #deepsleep so when I received one I got kinda excited.
Then the following conversation happened:
me: YEAH I got an sms.
collegue: oh,from whom?
me: my gas company
col: and why are you so excited?
me: well..em.. I.. I really like the company.

Who is the #weirdo now? :D

Just released UBports Installer 0.7.2-beta with major redesign to the background library handling device communication to make smoother procedures such as installing other operating systems on the Volla Phone.
Further details can be found at:

#UBports #UBportsInstaller #UbuntuTouch #VollaPhone

Dalton Durst of @ubports fame held a great talk on improving Linux phone battery life at . If you can only watch one video this week, make it this one:

(Yes, I am going to publish video content this week, but it won't be as important. Sadly I am not aware of any YouTube alternatives hosting this video currently.)

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