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Our friends at Volla are recruiting a Freelancer Ubuntu Touch Developer, to help them with maintaining the Ubuntu Touch port for the VollaPhone. Details at:
#UBports #UbuntuTouch #VollaPhone #Jobs

Wow haven't jumped in here for a hot minute! Since the last post the following thingy's have happened:

* Moved my contacts to gnome-contacts via evolution (thanks @linmob !)
* installed puremaps via flatpak and took it on a test car trip (mixed results)
* attempted to build geary from source but ran into issues

In general, it feels like I'm ready to make the full move now! Getting a new sim card as we speak!!

Also updated this:

Not too much, but had fun :)

* Video output ok
* Keyboard input ok
* Touchpad input ok
* Scrolling ok
* Charging ok
Christmas time.
#pinephone #mobian #nexdock

There have been some huge improvements coming to #PlasmaMobile the is really delivering on their promise. Can't wait to own a running it. I'm calling it now, this is going to be the year of the #Linux #smartphone. 🌎📱🐧

We're proud to announce a new maintenance release of the @ubports Installer.
It might be only maintenance but it's still very exciting!
We have upgraded various of its dependencies, including Electron to version 10 (jumping 5 versions).
Full changelog at:

#UBports #UBportsInstaller #UbuntuTouch

It looks like once CRUST is working the pinephone has quite good battery life

Since I now run @plasmamobile Angelfish as my default browser, I updated an older post so that I don't forget how to do this if I ever have to do it again:

I wasn't sure what the "developer story" for @purism 's "Fund Your App" thing was, but this makes it clear: Purism is going to hire a developer to make new apps a reality. I am fine with that approach.

To all #Axolotl (the Signal unofficial client for #UbuntuTouch and more) users, we're sorry, the last 0.8.8 release brings a regression: Axolotl crashes when receiving a vocal message. **You won't see any error** when reopening Axolotl, you won't even know which contact sent you the message, so be careful, you can miss information for your friends. A fix is currently on the way and we will release an hotfix release tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.

has a new virtual keyboard, an overhauled lockscreen, an optimized clock app and a (work in progress) game center! Read up about all the changes here:

Ridiculous issue with my #Pinephone: would only charge at 0.5 Amp lately, which is a painful 12+ hour charge (if the screen is off...).

Nothing helped until i stumbled upon this

The fix is setting the input of the current manually to 1.5Amp via

# echo 1500000 > /sys/class/power_supply/axp20x-usb/input_current_limit

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