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Here is a Pro-tip to speed up video playback and overall performance for #firefox on #manjaro with #phosh for your #pinephone. Go to about:config and enable layers.acceleration.force-enabled

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New Factorytest release for the . This can now test the microphone and flash the anx7688 firmware.

Only the following parts in the #PinePhone need closed firmware blobs:

- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- OmniVision rear camera (optional autofocus firmware)
- Quectel EG25-G LTE modem

The WiFi and LTE baseband are separated from the main operating system and share no memory with it.

So the PinePhone is basically just as free and secure as the #Librem5.

@PINE64 #pine #pine64

Who needs external keyboards when you can use serial via TRS instead?
Considering how unstable parts of the UI are serial is probably the best option for debugging anyway.

I run a blog about Linux on Mobile Devices (like the ) and as I am about decentralized services, it felt weird to just be on twitter with my content.


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