Video calls in Dino are slowly coming together. We are already making successful OMEMO encrypted video calls! The feature is included in our nightly builds now, but there's still further work to be done.

@derp It’s not my app. I am just maintaining an app list and think naming conflicts are less and less unavoidable, given the sheer number of projects. Please open an issue on the projects GitHub repository.

Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, free of copyright restrictions, and free of cost


#technology #opensource #ebooks #reading #nodrm

"Libqmycroft aims to bring the same #mycroft extension capability to traditional input desktop / mobile applications that want to add support for a voice interface without having each application to go through writing their own web-socket / dbus interface to establish a communication layer with Mycroft."

#pinephone #plasmamobile #kde #linuxmobile #opensource

@Coneng Well, it's not fully FOSS, it's stuck on Qt 5.6, it's written for Libhybris and parts of it (namely the email app) still don't render anything on a Mesa stack, ... I like Sailfish OS a lot (see, but there's more than one issue to not be like "Yeah, let's use this, it's perfect."

Readerview ( is a Gemini browser. To build it, make sure to first build a version of gmni before BearSSL was introduced.

(Of course it's listed on

I'm excited for the Linux App Summit online this weekend! I'm convening a birds of a feather session for audio, video, and artistic application developers Friday at 15:00 UTC! Registration is free. :)

@khaosgrille I can't say as I don't have any accounts on Pleoroma or misskey instances.

SciTEQt ( is a cross platform Scintilla based editor. It has a mobile interface for Android Phones, but that also works on like the :

More info now on

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