So this is my first impressions about #volla #VollaPhone22 .
I bought it with #ubports preinstalled and i already know in advance that i would not have a "perfect" out of the box experience.

In fact the most annoying thing i encountered so far is that the phone lose the wifi some times during the day and happened also that it forget the password.
I also noticed, despite it's a new hardware, a diffused laggy here and there.
I'm pretty confident these 2 issues will get soon resolved by upcoming updates. They are small and can tolerate them.

Instead i encountered 4 other issues i can't blame volla for that, but more ubports:
- a missing carddav sync for contacts (there is just google sync 🤮 or vcf upload)
-issues with sync the caldav data (the same caldav site - my vps - works smoothly on android so it should work also here?).
- a missing #xmpp app. I'm trying to set up profanity into a libertine container but it's not as comfy as blabber/conversation on android. I would consider #waydroid as last resort, i'm not sure it is currently supported the phone?
- can't record video, well it records and save them but then it can't open to show?

For the pro sides, well...
- no more android/google BS, even sanitized by LOS and similar
- i saw a lot of improvements in ubports compared to my previous experience on nexus5, morph browser in particular seems better and can browser smoothly.
- no more google BS
- the quality of the screen and phone seems good, display is nice and battery seems longlasting
- no more google BS
- so far i found all the apps i need in the store (except xmpp)
-no more google BS
-replaceable battery! 😎

In conclusion, soon there should also happens the 20.04 upgrade so i'm pretty sureall things can be even better and smoother.
Once i fix the xmpp issue i will start to use it as my daily driver.
I would not recommend though to a newbie (i'm not a pro either but i can understand and search solutions).
I think also it's a bit pricey but you also have a replaceable battery which is very rare these days. It's the price for privacy and freedom 😁


What do you think? Has the PinePhone failed?

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My PinePhone saw too many posts saying it was a failure lately, and now it's sad.

Does anybody use #dino on #postmarketos ? I simply cannot login.

I use #sxmo but it also happens on #phosh ... The submitted bug report led nowhere so far. It happened on 22.06 as well as edge at the time of reporting.

Hopefully somebody on mastodon can point me in the right direction. This is the only dealbreaker to use my #pinephone as a daily driver.

Thanks! :flan_wave:

hey hey, the SDM845 kernel fork in @postmarketOS just got upgraded to 5.19 😎

Finally adding speaker support for the 6T and enabling the OnePlus 6 notification LED! Let me know if you've given it a spin

More info here:

:pine64: great news in megis new blog post! previously it was advised not to use the phones usb port at all when its inserted into the keyboard case, but if i understand correctly it turned out that only plugging a power supply into the keyboard and then also plugging anything into the phone is bad. so it can be used with a (powered) dock after all! and theres no need to worry about burning your house down if you plug a charging cable into the wrong port! and if only the phone battery is low you can easily specifically charge only the phone! time to remove that tape everyone (also i assume no liability if this is wrong)

#pinephone #pinephonekeyboard #ppkb

DEVEL channel returns

The Ubuntu Touch devel channel is now up and working.🙂

Please remember that even with the fix, if your UT device is your daily driver RC or stable are the best channels to be on.

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #OpenSource

Together with #phosh itself I've tagged 0.20.0 versions of phosh-mobile-settings (to tweak some advanced mobile settings,, phom (a virtual mouse to control the mouse cursor on a 2nd screen, and phosh-osk-stub (a input-method debugging tool,

#phosh #librem5 @purism #gnome #linux #mobile

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phosh 0.20.0 is out 🚀📱 :

After three beta releases we've finally tagged phosh 0.20.0.

Check out the full release notes at . This also links to the release notes of the beta releases which have more details.

And the good news is we already have new merge requests pending for phosh 0.20.1 and 0.30.0.

#phosh #librem5 @purism #gnome #linux #mobile

@UPPERKEES Therefore, I just avoid it as a topic for my blog - for my own sanity.

@UPPERKEES I acknowledge that Android runs a Linux kernel.

But, frankly, I am just not interested in Android very much these days. Yes, you can make it somewhat privacy requesting and run (almost fully) open source ROMs (when you're willing to ignore some vendor blobs); but the reality of that is that the ecosystem (at least in the "west") is just too much built around Google services. I've just seen too many people try to make it without GAPPS and eventually give up for some service.

Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (31/2022): Automated Phone Testing for postmarketOS and various little updates

This time on the podcast, @dos from @purism talks about his Die Hard GNU/Linux User On Phones life. How he's developing lots of great things for Phoc/Phosh, the Librem 5 and how he implemented his personal dream of shrinking windows that he had since the Openmoko days.

after literally 6000 lines of code, I finally figured out how to get Android to detect a SIM card

no, no it can't connect to mobile data... yet

This is with mainline and a completely open source userspace stack on the @oneplus 6

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